We went over to a friends house for a barbeque, where I was able to observe the cultural differences inherent in this summertime ritual. Additionally, it was a birthday celebration, so I also learnt that happy birthday is sung in English, apart from the bit where they say dear X, which is said in German. I was nearly able to sing along.

Ok, so the barbeuque’ing ritual is largely the same across the world. More sausage and pork is featured, burgers did not make much of an appearance, but the overall theme of placing large amounts of meat over hot coals and charring it to within an inch of its life is the same. Oh, and beer was provided from kegs, which was particularly nice. There was also cake, and more varieties of pasta salad than you can imagine. All good therefore.

I am currently led to believe that some kind of worldwide sporting event is nearly upon us. I wonder what that will be like here.

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