Das Wochenende

As per the topic of my post, it is the weekend, which is a cause for lying in the garden and drinking beer in the nearly thirty degree heat. Beer is a pretty big deal over here, I am in the process of being coached as to its many varieties and flavours, a learning process which I am bravely undertaking in the name of investigative blogging. Yes. I will bring you my results soon.

In other news, we went shopping, where I learnt some new things about theIMG_0090 German recycling system. I also learnt that you can buy beer pre-mixed with grapefruit juice, which despite previous experiences, I will have to try.

The machine featured in the photograph is a part of the recycling process. Most bottles, it turns out, come with a deposit, or pfand, which varies between eight and twenty five cents. Plastic bottles, which are labelled in a certain way, can be fed into the gaping maw of this machine, which flashes and whirrs impressively, adding up all the deposits you have earnt, and then finally dispensing a receipt which you can reclaim for real life money at the supermarket checkout. Exciting stuff. If only all recycling was this much fun. Enjoy your weekends folks, particularly if you happen to be getting married.

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