Down the rabbit hole

cheshire-cat We watched Alice in Wonderland last night, which neither of us had seen. I have to admit, I was pretty much blown away by the whole thing. Sure it would have been better at the cinema, and it looked to be the sort of thing that would have looked great in 3D (although I’m still not totally convinced by the 3D thing as yet, it confuses my brain that it can’t focus on the out of focus things), but even on a laptop screen the fantastical world was surreal and well, fantastical. It reminded me somewhat of Labyrinth for some reason, and Johhny Depp’s Mad Hatter did bear more than a passing resemblance to Bowie in his Life on Mars phase, so the connections are there.

The rest of the cast was excellent too, Stephen Fry as the disappearing Cheshire Cat was pretty darn awesome, even Christopher Lee made an appearance as the Jabberwocky. Ok, I’ll stop rambling on about Alice. But I can recommend it certainly, even if it differs a bit from any original you may have previously seen.

The weather here continues to be glorious, blogging in my shorts in the sun is wonderful. If only someone would invent a screen that worked in direct sunlight and a laptop that dispensed beer, life would be just perfect. We are still supposed to be going to a party for nine year olds later on (girlfriend has godmother duties) but the temptation to just sit in the sun and drink beer instead is high.

I’ve done a bit more twiddling with the site content setup, those of you with the eagle eye and a facebook account will now be able to comment directly on posts without any of that pesky google account logging in, or captchas, or anything. Don’t ask me how this works. It is something to do with the magical internet pipes. It’s all hosted by facebook, so none of your information is shared with me, I guess you just need to trust Zuckerberg et al. Which presumably you do if you are already facebooked. There is an option to connect to the site also, I’m not quite sure what that will do for you. I could learn the facebook code and write some spangly application, but that does seem like an awful lot of effort if I have no goal in mind. FindingTheUniverseVille… coming your way soon folks..!

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