Earworms, an ongoing mission

gramophone The phrase earworm was not one I was familiar with until I started hanging out with German people. Literally translated from the German, an Ohrwurm is a song, or bit of a song, that gets stuck in your head, forcing you to repeat it over and over again. I was asked at the time, when I was doing my usual trick of driving people around me insane by humming or singing one part of a song over and over again, what the English word for Ohrwurm was, and I concluded sadly that the English language was missing such a fine word.

All is not lost however. I noticed recently that the good old BBC are starting to adopt the term, so I have high hopes of it making a general transition into the English language, where we can pretend that we invented it all along and everything will resume it’s natural order of things.

This weeks earworm has largely comprised of Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons, a band who though making number one in Australia on the Triple J top 100 for 2009 while I was there (it’s a big thing in Oz), I totally failed to pick up on. I guess living out of a tent can do that to you. Still, I am making up for lost time now, to the detriment of everyone around me. That link incidentally would take you to Amazon, although I am not sure that anyone still buys music in the physical format any more. I may as well link you to a gramophone store or something. Wait. Amazon sell those too. All is still good.

Tomorrow, in the ongoing excellent weather we are having, I have been promised a walk into the mountains where with any luck we will spot some dragons. The main mountain is called Dragons Mountain (I may have taken some liberties here with the translation), so I have high hopes that by the evening some winged beast will be my steed. And I will keep taking my pills. Keep well!

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