Who is Mr. Satoshi?

mr satoshi Yesterday was my first day back in London for over a year, and I think it is fair to say that the return was celebrated in style. The details are a little murky, we started off around lunchtime with a quick refreshing ale in the previously referred to Woolpack, with a vague idea of taking a wander around London and re-visiting old haunts - by the evening we had acquired a Czech chef on his fourth day in London who tagged along with us to a book launch in Angel, where I then had to extricate my dear brother from a buffet that he unfortunately fell into. Rock and perhaps indeed, roll. Or rolls. More food themed jokes to follow.

I’ve never been to a book launch before, and I suspect that seeing one through a slightly befuddled haze does not perhaps add to the whole thing (or maybe it does? who knows), but it did remind me a little bit of a wedding. There were speeches, everyone was being congratulatory to the author, beverages were being consumed and a fine buffet was laid on. Until it was laid on. (I’ll stop now.) After the buffet experience we made a fairly hasty exit back into London, where we said fond farewells to our new culinary friend, whose fourth day in London had presumably met all of his expectations for entertainment, and retreated to the safety of a local pub.

I have not as yet read the book who’s launch we attended, but the jacket did make it sound interesting, themes of self discovery and intrigue against  the backdrop of Tokyo. I think we may have received some signed copies, so I probably will read it, but I can’t give you my opinion of the actual content. Based solely on the party and speeches (this is a pioneering new technique for book review I am developing, work with me) I have every hope that it will be a winner. It is available on Amazon, and no doubt, at all reputable book stores. It’s the first novel by a chap called Jonathan Lee, and I hope it does well, because I can only imagine the effort required to actually turn an idea into a book, and then get said novel into actual print and onto shelves. If you want to check it out for yourselves, here is the Amazon link to the novel, which is titled: Who is Mr Satoshi?.

As for me, today will largely follow the same overall themes as yesterday I suspect, meeting people and catching up, perhaps over drinks. My brothers girlfriend is a saint of a person, having plied me with a variety of restorative cups of tea and delightful slices of toast to get me fighting fit again, despite the fact I wandered around the flat in the middle of the night making a lot of noise in an attempt to create toast. An interesting drinking fact for you, two slices of toast in the middle of the night do not ward off a hangover. I will leave you with that thought for now, as I go to enjoy Englands hottest day of the year to date, with a heat wave warning issued, and temperatures set to hit thirty one degrees. Toasty. Enjoy.

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