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IMG_5978.CR2 See what I did there? I created a confusing and inappropriately apostrophe free headline for this article. Brilliant. So what is it all about then? Well, it turns out, much to my surprise, and probably not to yours, that I am not the only person travelling and writing about it. I know.

Apparently there is this whole world out there of people writing, and travelling, and travelling, and writing. Some folk do these things at the same time! A complex feat I imagine, much like rubbing your stomach and gently ruffling your hair in synchronisation. Anyway, I felt I couldn’t let this mind blowing fact just float off into the breeze. No. I felt I should share it. But which travel writers do I tell you about?

Well. I found out that not only do other travellers blog, some of them even take the time to blog about other travel writers. I thought I could cunningly jump onto this trend, and blog about other travel writers who blog about other travel writers. Folk out there have done all the really hard work of trawling through a multitude of travel themed posts, and picking the particular highlights. So all I have to do is provide a list of the lists. A meta-list as it will. Hopefully this will start to make some sort of sense at any moment. To the list (of lists) we go!

Adventurous KateKate has been putting together a list of her favourite travel blogs on a weekly basis for a long while now. This week she has found posts on Vodka and the Olympics. Last week it was Zorbing and travelling blogging basics. Other weeks have been just as good. An excellent read of reads.

Travelling SavageKeith searches the web every month for the travel writing that he finds, in his words, “inspiring, informative and provocative”. His summaries, which he titles “Bloody Good Travel Writing”, are exactly that. I have linked to his July ‘10 post, but I suspect an August update will be coming soon.

Travelling CanucksThe travelling canucks, also known as Nicole and Cameron, have done a weekly update on their favourite travel blogs for the last couple of weeks, and I figure that if folk keep reading it, they’ll keep writing it! Worth a read.

yTravelBlog – Each week Caz and Craig feature a list of their favourite blogs from the past week, focusing on particular travel themed topics, ranging from travel tips, to photography, to inspiring ideas. You can also draw your attention to your favourite posts for consideration, if you so wish.

Top 100 Independent Travel sitesIf the above aren’t enough, here’s one to pass a few days of your life. Brendan spends what I can only imagine is an inordinate amount of time compiling a list of his top 100 Independent travel sites, based on Alexa rankings combined with his personal secret formula. Which he details in more er, detail, on his site. Enjoy that one, it’ll keep you going for a while.

Hopefully this has helped you discover some new sources for travel themed writing. Humour aside for a brief moment, it’s always a pleasure (and often an inspiration) going out and seeing what other people are doing and writing about. It’s a big old world (and web) out there. If you feel I’ve missed another brilliant list from the above, do let me know!

Exciting news! I've been nominated as having the best travel photography in a weblog for 2015. If you have a moment, I'd love for you to show your support and vote. Voting takes just a moment of your time and I'd really appreciate it! You can vote here.

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  1. Love your honesty! And love Gregory National Park too. Nice to have discovered you - via Ant Stone.

  2. Thanks Lara! As for Gregory, I thought I'd cover some of the parts of Australia that were a bit less frequented or popular. We also spent a while exploring the somewhat unknown Limmen National Park in the NT, which was great. As for Ant, I know he features on some of those lists, his site is always a good read :)

  3. I like this idea, a very creative slant on what other bloggers are doing. I totally agree with the effort that Brendan puts in every week to his top 100 lists. I can't even imagine how long it must take him to evaluate all those sites. I really appreciate his hard work, and I'm excited for him that it is paying off.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the mention. Glad you've found some value out of our "what we've been reading" category. With so many great posts, sites and writers, it's just one more filter. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for your comments folks, and thanks for taking the time to put those lists together. They really help to publicise what's going on in the travel blogging world for folks with less time to trawl :)

  6. Thanks for including me - glad you enjoyed that post. Yes, an August version is forthcoming.

  7. META! I love it! :-)

    Thanks for the mention. :-) I'm glad you're enjoying my lists!

    I've found that blogging about other bloggers is a way to increase traffic exponentially. That's why two out of the five posts I write every week focus heavily on other people!

  8. @Keith - looking forward to it!

    @Kate - thanks! I think it is nice to remember that we're not alone. good writing should always be publicised, and it's nice to see that folk are happy to look beyond their own sites to find it. and if that helps drive traffic, well, everyone wins :)

  9. Thanks for mentioning the list... but seriously... what's up? I write too!!! hahah (I'm totally being over shadowed by my old, more famous, brother The Top100)

  10. it's a mystery to me how you find time to do it all!