Finding the Universe now on Kindle

Kindle eReader I haven’t embraced the eReader revolution that is currently replacing paper tomes with digital versions as yet, but friends of mine have, and I received a request to make my blog available via the Amazon Kindle store, something I had no idea was possible.

I looked into this, and found an excellent tutorial on the process here ( I signed up, and within 24 hours this site became available on the Amazon Kindle Store, both the US and UK versions.

The subscription to the service comes at a price, which is less than a pound a month. The good news is that I get 30% of that. Admittedly this isn’t exactly going to make me rich quick, but every little helps.

If you want to check it out, the blog is available on the Amazon UK kindle store, or the Amazon US store.

If you own your own blog, and want to get it on the store, the remarkably simple sign up is here, fill in a few fields and away you go:

Let me know if this is the sort of thing you find useful.. or conversely if you find the idea of paying monthly for something you can get for free completely odd.. let me know too!

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