Great reads from February 2011

Further ramblings from a toilet wall February, I’ve noticed, is a short month. Now that it has whizzed on by, it is time for another round up of some awesome travel writing from around the web.

Even though the month was short, the content has not been sparse. I have nonetheless managed to whittle down my favourite bloggers to these five posts.

Each of these posts really shone through for me, raising themselves above their brethren in some way or another. Perhaps they made me laugh. Maybe they tore at my heartstrings. Maybe there were great tips, or ponderings on the inner wonder of life. Whichever of these they were, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Traveling and Dying — the Real Risks in Life: Go, See, Write

Who knew that stairs could be quite so dangerous? I’ll certainly be treating them with newfound respect now I’ve read this article, as well as coating myself in minced liver and heading off to play with Great White Sharks.

In this article, Michael takes it upon himself to dispel some of the myths around the dangers of death whilst travelling, with a special focus on diving. This is all backed up by some impressive numbers and research, and presented in his own inimitable style.

Pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Buddha: Hole in the Donut

Barbara has a wonderful writing style which conveys her experiences in a way that makes you feel you can almost reach out and grab them.

This post, about her pilgrimage to the Sacred Gardens of Lumbini in Nepal, is a great example of her writing, and a worthy read for anyone interested in Buddhism and this part of the world.

Real World Travel Tips: Johnny Vagabond

Wes, of Johnny Vagabond, has been travelling for nearly a year now, and has decided to share what he has learnt from his experiences thus far in this often humorous post.

There is a superb selection of tips contained within, from dealing with touts to getting lost, and should contain something for every traveller out there. If all else fails, I guarantee you will at least get a smile from his cardinal rule!

Confession: I can’t stand Luang Prabang: Adventurous Kate

I’ve been reading Kate’s blog for a while now, and one thing I have noticed is that she doesn’t mince her opinion or fail to report thoroughly on her adventures. She’s certainly a party girl at heart, and that comes across strongly in her blog. Reading about someone having an awesome time is always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

Kate tells it as she feels it, and in this post she stirs up some controversy by failing to see what the fuss is all about with Luang Prabang. As with many of her posts, the comments field is also worthy of a read, if only to see the risks you run when posting your heartfelt opinions.

When Tragedy Strikes a Place You Love: A Dangerous Business

If you spend any time reading Amanda’s blog, you will quickly come to realise that she is a big fan of New Zealand. And who wouldn’t be? This post details how the recent devastating earthquake in Christchurch, with a death toll already creeping into the hundreds, really affected her, despite her now living on the opposite side of the globe.

It’s an interesting read as to how travel can make us feel more strongly about tragedy affecting the places we have visited, and hence warranted inclusion in my favourites of the month.

Bonus mention: Photo Roulette

This isn’t a piece of travel writing per se, rather, it is a photography competition open to all travel bloggers. Each week the host chooses a theme, and bloggers from around the world submit their photos for that theme. The host then chooses a winner, and the winner gets to host and choose the theme for the following week.

This is an excellent place to catch up on some wonderful travel photography from around the globe from some truly talented folk, so if you’ve had enough of words for the time being, head on over to the current round and take a look. Previous rounds are also linked (currently it’s up to eleven), so there is more than enough to keep you busy for a while to come. Enjoy!


Well, those were some of my favourite reads for February 2011. If you liked these, you may also like January’s list. I’ll be doing this near the end of every month so if you spot (or write!) something that you think I should be including for March, either post it in the comments, let me know on the Facebook page, or head over to the contact page. The only criteria is that it needs to have been published during the month of March.

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