The Importance of Travel Insurance

Rainbow Today’s post is a sponsored post, written by Paulina Stankiewicz of Essential Travel. Whilst I didn’t write it, the message contained within is important for every traveller – travel insurance really is a must purchase for your trip, as the story below helps to illustrate. (The pictures are all mine :))

Being an avid traveller, I love to explore new countries, cultures, and landscapes. From the deserts of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to the lush rain forests of the Amazon, my ambition is to experience and discover as much of the world as possible.

Last year when I got the infamous ‘travel itch’, a few friends and I decided to take a trip to South Africa for an experience of a lifetime. We planned to visit the Western Cape for 2 weeks: a drive up the Stellenbosch wine route, a day playing with penguins at Boulder’s Beach, and taking surf lessons in Big Bay. Excitedly, I packed my bags and headed to Heathrow to meet the others and fly south for our African adventure.

Having taken several international trips before (and encountering a few lost luggage or flight delay mishaps) I knew to take out travel insurance in case anything went awry. The three friends that I was travelling with thought I was being paranoid and wasting unnecessary money on getting a policy; money that could be used as extra holiday spending. When taking a trip like the one to South Africa, you ought to realise the dangers of what could happen (stolen property, lost luggage, requiring medical assistance) and not let an unfortunate inconvenience get in between you and your holiday.

Crepuscular rays over Tongariro National Park

Our expedition got off to an incredible start. We touched down in Cape Town and took full advantage of the natural beauty, laid back atmosphere, and great restaurants. If you enjoy good burgers, head to Royale Eatery on Long Street for the best burgers in town and great 1950s diner decor that add a hip and fun ambiance to the restaurant. Then, walk a few steps to Neighbourhood for tasty cocktails and a great view onto the busy street below from the outside balcony.

After a few days of eating well and exploring the city sights, we made our way to the beautiful Big Bay, with a breathtaking view on the majestic Table Mountain. We had booked a few surf lessons (all of us novices) and thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of riding the waves. Unfortunately, one of my friends had a minor accident and cut her foot on a sharp rock and had to go to the hospital to see if she needed stitches, or if a bandage and gauze would suffice.


Luckily the cut wasn’t deep enough to warrant stitches, it just needed to be properly cleaned and bandaged, however, she of course had to pay for the medical bill, which would have been covered had she taken out a travel insurance policy. I knew that my friends felt a bit sheepish for telling me that travel insurance wasn’t a necessity (especially since we were engaging in activities like surfing that put us at risk of injury) but I was happy that the accident was nothing serious and didn’t ruin our holiday. Needless to say, now when my friends and I travel we all purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy and travel safely.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when you want to make great memories and explore the world! Most travel insurance policies are very affordable and can really help you out when you’re overseas and requiring assistance.

Thanks to Konrad for providing this story illustrating the benefits of travel insurance. If you have any tales to share on the subject of travel insurance, do let me know in the comments below!

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