Cyprus showcases its diversity

Today’s post was sent over be Jennifer, writing for Co-op Travel. Jennifer has previously written on the blog about exploring Cyprus by bicycle, and today she is back to share some more options for enjoying this wonderful looking island. Enjoy!

With so many gorgeous islands in the Mediterranean, it can sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice about which one to visit this year. To make it easier, Co-op Travel offers package holidays for a range of destinations, all of which offer their own array of ways to entertain their visitors.

One of the popular Mediterranean islands is Cyprus, and this is not just because of its famous name and ideal location - it does actually offer a diverse range of things to do so it never disappoints anyone who visits. There are package holidays for people of all ages, including families, couples, and the older generations.

First of all, Cyprus is not just an active location. For those looking for a relaxing holiday, Cyprus provides that too. With traditional areas of the island for those who are looking for relaxing walks while learning about the island’s history, as well as numerous beach hotels that allow sun-seekers to relax and unwind away from home – it is an island that caters for all.

Cyprus beach by flickr user tomaszcc

All about action

Cyprus offers plenty of water sports opportunities for the sea lovers and rock climbing activities for the adrenaline junkies. Perhaps the best place to try these out is the Fig Tree Bay area on the east of the island, where adventurous folk will find a range of trained specialists to help them.

These can even be mixed in with the relaxing aspects of Cyprus, giving holidaymakers the chance to be active one day and relax and chill out the next.

Cypriot culture comes to life

Again, for those who love culture, Cyprus is the perfect holiday as the island is scattered with ancient ruins and historical sites.

Romance in the air

Of course, Cyprus is also known as the ‘island of love’, so it is perfect for that romantic getaway. Indeed, the atmosphere and the weather, make it the perfect location to tie the knot.

Cyprus flower by flickr user TeryKats

Nights to remember

The island also boasts a popular nightlife, nowhere more so than in Ayia Napa. Generally, those looking for parties are best off sticking to Eastern Cyprus, rather than its more serene and laid-back western towns.

Whatever the holiday, whether it be fun filled, action packed, or relaxation based, Co-op Travel can help you choose the best one.

Thanks to Jennifer for providing today’s post! Have you been to Cyprus? Any tips to share? Hit up the comments below!

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