To Italy!

Brindisi through a doorway image by Stella Marinazzo

I have recently learned that making video is not as easy as you might think. Those folk who stand around on our TV screens, nonchalantly peering into the distance as the wind ruffles their hair, spouting casual lines of dialogue, make it all look terribly easy. I can now confirm that it is not as easy as they make it look.

As you’ve probably noticed, video doesn’t take up much space on the site – I generally have my work cut out with still frames, and as video is generally composed of 24 still frames every second, I concluded that the overhead of editing video was likely going to be a bit much for my brain to cope with. So making video isn’t something I am entirely practised at, much less making video with me in it.

Imagine my excitement therefore when I was invited to Italy (yay!), and then asked to put together a video introducing myself (erk!).

This video making business isn’t simple. First, you have to figure out what to say. Then you have to try and say it without saying the words “umm” or “ergh” or “argh”, or any other countless noises that seem to come out of my mouth unrequested when a camera is pointing at me. Finally, you want to say it in a way that is actually interesting and engaging to the audience, not so you look like a plank of wood reciting a script. And then, just as you think you’ve got the perfect take, a lorry drives past and destroys any hope of clear audio.

Brindisi Torre Guaceto

Anyway, the point of all this is that I am going to Italy (yay!), and I had to make a video (erk!), which with any luck, will be consigned to a dark corner of the internet, never to be seen again. Oh no wait, it’s linked at the end of this post. Feel free to scroll down to that.

So, Italy. Home to at least two of my favourite cities – Rome and Venice. This time round, I’m headed to a region called Brindisi, way down in the south, on a trip that has been put together by the folks behind “Brindisi – it’s MY destination”. The nine day schedule is action packed, with lots of food, wine, cycling and even a snorkelling adventure thrown in.

Then, to cap it all off, we’re taking part in a sailing race from Italy to Corfu, and finishing off with a couple of days relaxing in Corfu. Sounds good, right?

How you can keep up

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog jumps around a lot, depending on what I’m feeling like writing about. So Italian content will be coming, but it could be a while away. If you want to keep up to date with the Brindisi trip in a manner closer to real time, then the best place is probably going to be on Instagram, where you can find me as Lozula (note: no Instagram required, you can follow on the web!).

I’m also going to be posting to the twitter and the facebook. Don’t worry if you miss it all though, it’s going to be coming to a blog post near you at some point in the not too far off future.

That video

Finally, the bit you were probably waiting for - that video. It’s pretty good, largely I suspect because I was edited out of most of it. Instead there’s a delightful chap talking with passion about Brindisi, which is much better than what I was waffling on about! Enjoy :)

Note, as I’ve not been to Brindisi yet, the photos here were sourced with permission from the Brindisi My Destination Facebook page. Get more lovely photos of Brindisi in your feed by giving them a like here:

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