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Today’s featured guest post was sent over from Teresa, and is all about explaining why you might want to choose a luxury cruise for your next holiday. I admit to having never been on a cruise, but after reading this post – I might reconsider!

Cruises are no longer the domain of the rich and famous only, nor are they only for older generations who can afford the time and money to set sail for weeks at a time. These days, cruises are for everyone, and they open up a whole new world of travel and exploration.

From Caribbean cruises lasting several weeks, to European cruises of just a few days; there are cruises to suit all tastes and budgets.

Read on for the luxury MSC cruises guide to why everyone should enjoy a cruise holiday at least once in their lifetime.

Good for the budget

Most cruises are all-inclusive packages, making it really easy to budget your holiday spending. You only have one cost that includes almost everything, from your room and meals to entertainment and fees. The only things you have to account for on top are getting to and from the port (but even this is sometimes included) and alcoholic drinks.

If you want to take an excursion or try a new activity as part of the cruise this can easily be added on. Effectively, once on board a cruise ship you shouldn’t have to spend much at all.

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Economies of scale

If you wanted to visit several different places by land or air you’d have a lot of organising to do. Several hotels, a whole pile of travel tickets, unpacking and packing your suitcase over and over again; it can be a lot of hassle. With a cruise you only arrive and depart once, yet get to visit many islands and attractions along the way.

The world on a boat

It’s not unusual for people to spend weeks on a cruise ship without stepping on to dry land. Thanks to the sheer size of many ships there is quite literally a whole world on board. You can eat at a different restaurant every night of the week, try a new sport each afternoon and enjoy first-class entertainment each evening. It’s easy to see how this can keep kids, and big kids, happy and occupied for days on end.

Live like a celeb

Luxury cruises are just that – a little piece of luxury that you don’t get in your everyday life. The customer services and hospitality on cruise ships have earned a reputation for being first-class, and it’s easy to get used to having your bed made every day, waiter service for all meals and reps to serve your every whim 24/7. Add in spas, massages, beauty treatments and more and you’ll come home feeling a million dollars.

Thanks to Teresa for today’s post! Have you been on a cruise? Do share your thoughts on cruising in the comments below!

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