Rome Without the Ruin: Visiting Rome on a Budget

Trevi Fountain

If you’re not on so much of a budget, then you might want to check out our guide to our favourite bits of Rome! If you are on a budget though, then today’s featured post, written by David Waterlaw, should help you experience Italy’s capital with less pain on your wallet. Enjoy!

Rome is awesome. With places like the Vatican and the Coliseum, it’s no wonder that millions of visitors come from all over the world to visit. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty steep price tag that goes along with the territory. Rome has few rivals when it comes to both world-renowned sites and world renowned price tags. Fear not though, as you can still see Rome on a budget, you just have to be smart about it. Here’s how.

The Sights

That’s why people visit Rome, right? Although there aren’t as many free sights as you’d hope, there are still a few that you can take advantage of. For instance, on the last Sunday of the month admission to the Vatican museum is free.

Along with this, other free sites include St. Peter’s Basilica, Bernini’s Colonnade, and the Papal tombs.

One event that shouldn’t be missed out on is Sunday mass at the Basilica, led by the Pope. Tickets are free, and even if you’re not particularly religious, it’s an incredibly unique experience that can only be had in Rome. Make sure to get there a few hours early though, as many other people have the same desire to experience it.

Try Hotels Outside the City Centre

Staying in the city centre is pretty appealing, and there are plenty of hotels in Rome, but you might prefer to stay on the outskirts of the city. You’ll save more money, and the metro system is inexpensive and easy to navigate.

Bring a Water Bottle

This simple act can save you countless euros. The sun can be brutal in Rome, and walking around all day with it beating down on you can take its toll. Street vendors and shops make the most of this by charging outrageous prices for a bottle of water. Instead, bring a refillable bottle and stop at one of the many water fountains along the city. Each time you refill you’ll save yourself some extra euros.

Eat Smart

When it comes to choices in food, Rome has an endless variety. A simple cafe will give you a taste of authentic Italian dishes, but unless you’re exhausted head to the bar and stand while you eat. Prices are higher if you sit down and receive table service. Of course, if you’re looking for cheap food, you can’t go wrong with gelato. This treat is only a couple of euros for two scoops, and when the day’s a scorcher it can really soothe the palate.

As you can see, a trip to Rome doesn’t have to be expensive. So go visit, and as they say, do as the Romans do.

Today’s post was written by David Waterlaw. David is a seasoned solo traveler who travelled around Europe, Asia, and South America for 4 years. Of all the cities he has visited, Rome is his favourite and, he says, always will be.

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