Quirks Without the Cost —Enjoying Munich On a Budget

New Town Hall Munich

Today’s featured post about exploring Munich on a budget was written by Peter J. We had the fortune of spending a couple of days in Munich in 2012, and loved it, even if it rained during our entire visit. Hopefully next time we’ll have better luck. In the meantime, enjoy the post!

People always make a beeline for the capital of any country. In England it’s London, in Spain it’s Madrid, in France it’s Paris, etc., so when people plan a trip to Germany, more often than Berlin is the first port of call.

However, Germany isn’t just Berlin. There are other cities that you can visit, such as on city breaks in Munich. Sure Berlin has history and a buzzing cultural and technological scene, plus that nostalgic mix of old and new, but Munich has a few quirks of its own to delight locals and visitors to the city, and they’re not costly either.

Here are a few insider tips on where to go and where to eat for that little bit less:

Relaxing and chillaxing

Arts and Boards

Munich challenges Berlin’s artsy vibe with places such as Arts and Boards. Perhaps that seems a bit of a strange name for a bar and restaurant, but there’s a method to this seeming madness. The owner is Uli Richter, one of Germany’s surf pioneers — and yes, little did you know it but Germany has a surfing scene!

This is particularly so in Munich, where adrenalin junkies catch serious waves on the River Eisbach. Back to the bar itself, you can chill out on a cozy couch with your breakfast and admire the eclectic mix of art and surfboards in this zany bar and restaurant.

Alter Nordfriedhof Cemetery

If you thought that was quirky, nothing will prepare for you for chill out zone number two: Alter Nordfriedhof Cemetery. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not as ghoulish as it sounds. Despite being the final resting place of several thousand people, this is actually a disused cemetery.

Rather than being a haunt of pale-faced gothic types, it has become a spot where locals take it easy with a picnic on the cemetery grass or soak up the sun. However, they’re respectful all the while. There’s not a scrap of litter in the cemetery, nor is there noise.

The Angel of Peace

If you’re looking for budget romance, make your way to the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace). This reminder of the Franco–German war of 1870 to 1871, with the fountain below, is a pleasant spot for a picnic, contemplation and a smooch on a budget.

Satisfying the Appetite

Randomly, if there’s one thing that Munich does well, it’s Italian restaurants! This charming little city has some tremendous Italian restaurants that far from break the bank, struggle to even stretch your wallet, so good is the value for money. One of these is Pepenero, with a choice of 29 pasta dishes ranging between just €3.95 and €9.00, you can never go hungry in Munich.

Another smashing restaurant is Il Mulino. This Italian restaurant is pretty busy, so it’s best to book beforehand. They charge €5.90 upwards for their pizzas, and you don’t even have to sit in, as you can grab a takeaway and munch it elsewhere. If you get the chance to enjoy the Tiramisu, you should take it!

Yep, when you’re out in a big city, you don’t have to spend every cent. It’s perfectly easy to get the best out of a place, keep the euros in your pocket, and experience an unusual side of German life. Isn’t that good of Munich!

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