Hong Kong: Foodie’s Paradise

food in HongKong by flickr user Christopher

Today’s featured foodie post was written by Claire Murray, who loves food and travel, in that order! I’m a big fan of Chinese food, and the Hong Kong dishes are no exception. I dare you not to be hungry after reading this piece!

Well-known as a top foodie destination, flights to Hong Kong take visitors to the hundreds of varied places to eat and drink. Even the most dedicated followers of food will struggle to sample a bite of everything, with a huge range of price tags to check out, depending on how much you are willing or able to spend. For those in turmoil about where to dine while in Hong Kong, here are a few suggestions of the best places in town that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Tasty Top-end Treats

One of the most elegant restaurants in the city, high-end Island Tang, boasts a highly stylised interior that offers diners a touch of sophistication. A classic Cantonese menu is beautifully served with high attention to detail and exquisite technique. If you’re looking for a more traditional dish, the Peking Duck is a great option, or for a more adventurous treat, give the marinated jellyfish a go. Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Great Group Dining

For those dining with a large party, Kimberley Chinese Restaurant could be the perfect place for you, especially if you’re tempted by the speciality dish here: the stuffed, roasted suckling pig. Suitable for parties of around eight, this place is certainly not to be missed, with some glutinous dishes roasted over an open flame.

Modest Meals

If you’re working to a more modest budget but still want to get your teeth into something uniquely tasty, you ought to head for Sister Wah. Here you can pick up a delicious, filling bowl of beef brisket noodle soup. While there are many places in Hong Kong that serve this dish, the difference at Sister Wah’s is the use of daikon in the stock. The daikon is a winter radish with a much milder, sweeter flavour than its summer cousin. This makes the soup far more refreshing in comparison to other recipes. At just £1.60 a bowl, you’re scoring an absolute bargain!

Delicious Dim Sum

For a classic dim sum experience while you’re here, visit One Dim Sum in Prince Edward. Hidden down a street just off Playing Field Road, it’s advisable to arrive before busy lunch and dinner times really kick in, as things can get pretty crowded here. While the seating is a little claustrophobic, the dim sum is of a very high quality and there’s a huge variety of dishes to choose from. Be aware that they only sell hot tea to order, but they’re happy for you to bring along your own drinks.

Hopefully these suggestions have given you some food for thought, but wherever you eat during your trip to Hong Kong, you’re guaranteed to have a unique and special experience. 

Image by Christopher, used under the Creative Comms licence.

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