Getting Active in New York

Brooklyn bridge and New York skyline

The following sponsored content is brought to you in partnership with Yonderbound, who are in the process of moving from being just a great hotel booking engine who reward you for using them, and experimenting with letting you book activities, and wanted to share that with you. If you’ve not used Yonderbound yet, I can recommend checking them out, and don’t miss the free credit on sign up towards your next trip. All words are mine.

Last time I was in New York, I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly “active”. I mean, I moved from place to place, and my shutter finger was certainly busy, but I don’t think any of the sight-seeing or bar-hopping I did could really qualify as being exactly active.

So when Yonderbound asked me to share with you some information on actually active activities in New York, as well as details of how to book them, I figured, why not? I might even get ideas for my next trip there!

First, let’s look at the hotel that Yonderbound are recommending for this trip, The Pod Hotel 39. This is a stylish and well located midtown hotel (with an awesome looking rooftop bar!) that won’t break the bank, and comes with a solid 4/5 review score on TripAdvisor. Yonderbound helpfully pull TripAdvisor reviews into their results so you don’t have to go searching them out yourself.

The Pod Hotel 39

So, that’s the hotel sorted. What about these activities?

Up first, zip-lining!

Ok, so you can’t actually zip-line IN New York. Put that spider-suit away.

Big Bear Zip Lines are one of the closest zip-lining companies to New York, and offer a three hour canopy tour across four thousand feet of zip lines. I’ve zip lined all around the world, including Costa Rica and Thailand, and I know it’s a really fun experience.

You can book this experience directly through Yonderbound using the magic booking widget below.

Zip Line Forest Canopy Adventure

If throwing yourself between trees is a bit too squirrel-like for you, or you want something that combines brain-power and movement on the streets of New York, then the next recommended activity is for you.

The Xplore Urban Race will have you dashing around New York in a classic scavenger hunt in teams of one (can you be a team of one?) to four people, solving puzzles, hunting clues, and taking in some of New York’s iconic sights. It’s your very own Amazing Race!

Like the sound of that? You can sign up to take part using this magic booking widget!

Urban Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Ok, so those were a couple of cool activities that you can get up in New York if you want to do something a bit more active than the usual sight-seeing.

Saving the best for last, If you like the idea of those activities, and the recommended hotel, then you can book them all at once below. Or, if you’re not into all of them, pick and choose. Pretty cool huh?

New York Active Experience Summary

And that’s that! If you’re interested in learning more about who Yonderbound are and how they work, you can read my full review right here.

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