Dressing gowns

One of my favourite items of attire has to be the dressing gown. I am pleased therefore to report, that after nearly a year of not being able to wear said garment, I have been granted the loan of a rather impressive floor length number that I will now be mostly living out of. There’s something timeless yet classic about this piece of supposed nightwear, it manages to convey a sense of ready for bed or a party at the playboy mansion with effortless ease. I expect the call from Hugh to come at any moment.

In other news, the time in Germany continues to amaze. I had forgotten quite how exciting German bread is, particularly when covered in honey, the type of honey that isn’t clear and therefore doesn’t run all over the place when you try and eat it. The trail of honey I left from the kitchen to our room in our hostel in Sydney is probably never going to come out. Plus it was pretty obvious who the perpetrator of the honey based crime was, given that the trail ended at our door.

We went for a walk to a nearby village yesterday, as it was actually sunny. Almost warm in fact. We celebrated the arrival of summer (which has since departed) with an ice cream and a wander around the castle, which was what most UK based folks would probably think of as a stately home. It was fairly impressive, even if the architect was killed due to failing to make it symmetrical.

Life itself continues to be good. My German isn’t exactly coming on in leaps and bounds, but given that some of the people I am living with don’t speak English at all, I suspect it is going to either improve rapidly or my ability at charades is going to impress next Christmas. It is most odd sitting in on a conversation where you have no idea what is being discussed - I expect this to improve.

In photo related news, two of my photos have been approved for use on stock photography sites. Given that I probably need around 1000 to be approved, and maybe something like 50,000 regular blog readers all clicking happily away on ads to actually fund my life without having to do anything else, the road ahead to financial freedom and working from my dressing gown seems like it could be fairly long ;) Keep smiling!

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