Beer and cola

IMG_3950-1 I got around to trying beer mixed with coke. i watched a video on youtube of some chap eating fish fingers and custard, two items that you wouldn’t normally mix. I would now add beer and coke into the category of items that should not be mixed. If a Venn diagram was to be drawn, there would be no union in the middle where coke met beer and something new and exciting was created. It tastes like beer, mixed with coke, and whilst I applaud the German nation for taking drink mixing in a new direction, it is not a direction that I feel happy travelling in.

In other news, I am working on ways of self entertainment when sitting at a table or in a location where everyone speaks German and I sit there wondering how to partake in the conversation. It is very odd, it’s like a world is happening just near me that I can see into, but a barrier exists stopping me from entering it fully. I need a Babel fish, or a rapid course in German. Luckily the word for beer is almost the same, so I can at least keep myself drunk whilst exciting things happen outside of my linguistic capabilities.

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