Bonn voyage

IMG_4140As the incredibly humorous title would suggest, we popped into Bonn for the afternoon, which was rather jolly. Some tasks had to be performed first, and then we were free to wander the city at our will. I erroneously described Bonn as a town earlier, this was certainly not correct. Anywhere with a university building quite as large and impressive as Bonn has certainly should qualify for city status.

Bonn, I also learnt (culture was literally oozing out of the walls today), was the birthplace of Beethoven, and some relevant Beethoven knowledge was laid down upon us. A plaque marked the house he wasIMG_4088-1 born in, a statue of the man himself was found in one of the squares. The city overall was incredibly pretty, with large parts of it pedestrianised, featuring cobbled streets and wonderful buildings, as well as large park areas. People were  basking in the sun outside the huge university area, some of them even going to far as to remove their t-shirts. The wonderful rule allowing you to drink freely in public places was obvious, with people happily quaffing from bottles of their favourite beers. No attempts at loutishness were observed.

Today also marked the start of the world cup, so it felt only right to find ourselves a spot at an outdoor area which featured numerous screens as well as large glass pitchers of beer to watch the start of the tournament. Even for a non-football fan such as IMG_4156-1myself, the location was tough to argue with, and the game worth a watch. There were even some Mexican fans who I suspect were probably disappointed not to come away with a win. Such is life.

Finally we left Bonn, having taken a number of photos, drunk a bit of beer, and seen a number of churches. It’s not too far away, so I suspect we’ll be popping back. Tomorrow we’re heading out to a birthday party somewhere,  where I can only pray someone with a TV set won’t mind me watching the England game. On Sunday, we’re heading into the nearby town to watch Germany vs. Australia. I’m currently undecided as to which team to support ;)

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