More dread care

After nearly six months of dreadlocks, there are some more things to know about. For example, and this is perhaps not revelationary knowledge, it turns out that hair grows. Bear with me. On average, hair grows around a centimetre a month. Also, hair falls out, at a rate of around 100 hairs a day. If you are not follicularly challenged, the old hair is replaced by new growth, much in the manner of a shrubbery.

The problem with this whole set up is that the new hair doesn’t automatically know to grow itself into the dreadlocks. So you end up with dreads that are mostly made up of the old hair, with fuzzy new hair surrounding it. And after six months of new growth, the new hair is probably going to be around 6cm long. Some kind of solution is required if you want to keep the dreadlock thang going instead of the fuzzy head thing.

The answer, if you happen to have an incredibly willing girlfriend / partner / friend to hand, is to enlist their help with a needle and some sewing thread, and then literally thread the new hair into the existing dreads. Then, in my case anyway, fix it in place with a home made hair wax, courtesy of some Tasmanian bees and a dash of tea tree oil. This process, when you have seventy six dreadlocks, is not a short one. We spent pretty much all day yesterday working through my hair, and still have a fair few left to do. The price of looking like a beach bum. Yep.

So what else is happening today that isn’t fascinatingly hair related? Well, Germany and England are both partaking in their second world cup games. We watched Germany take on Serbia from the fine venue of a local pub, where I observed the nations Friday afternoon productivity take a wonderful nosedive. Sadly, the game was not as pretty a sight as watching Germany take on Australia. Trying to win a game with ten men when 1-0 down is always going to be a challenge. The Serbian keeper, who looks mysteriously like John Cusack, covered himself in glory when saving Germanys main chance at equalising with a second half penalty. In conclusion, I really need to stop supporting teams, it never ends well. So.. England later then.

In other, quite spectacularly unrelated news, the worlds largest entertainment expo is upon us, with the three major gaming manufacturers touting their wares. From what I can tell, Sony and Microsoft are desperately trying to catch up with Nintendo on the “oh my god there’s a gaming market who don’t want to take gaming too seriously” front, with all manner of interactive motion capture type devices. Expect Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect marketing messages to be liberally thrown at you over the coming months.

Nintendo, in the meantime, not one to rest on its laurels even with the unexpected success of the Wii, are embracing the wonders of the three dimensional world with their next handheld gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS, which lets you play games in 3D without glasses. Quite how this arcane trickery is achieved is a mystery to me, but it sounds like it could be a deal breaker. Expect to see people peering mystically into these screens on the tube in early 2011

Finally, in cultural news, we took a walk around a graveyard in Bonn, where a number of luminaries are buried, including Beethoven’s dear old mum. The graveyard was, well, a graveyard. Dead people and tombstones.  However famous you are, it seems you end up pretty much the same. Awesome. Enjoy your weekends :)

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