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An update on our ongoing attempts to align our cultural knowledge. Thus far this is proceeding well. I fear I should admit that up to this point in my life I had never watched the The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and whilst I know that I should have, I didn’t feel entirely that my life was somehow more complete having watching it. Presumably everyone in the world has already seen it, and I should be stoned and/or burnt for heresy. Maybe I need the full stage show experience complete with fishnet tights, flour and water pistols to truly appreciate it’s splendour.

More interesting, and in fact about the only film I feel I can recommend in its entirety, (other films were decent but not noteworthy, the sort of films everyone who wasn’t living in a landcruiser for a year in the outback has probably already seen) from the swathe of films we have gone through of late, was an indie type film set in Australia, about an English bloke searching for the perfect colour of paint, and the various things that happen to him on his journey of discovery. Having now travelled in Oz I can confirm that many of the stereotypes portrayed in the film are not entirely accurate, but the humour is pleasantly black, the film happily surreal and the ending wonderfully Magnolia like. Plus any excuse to goggle at the Australian outback scenery (it’s filmed on a drive through the middle from Adelaide to Darwin, the scorched earth look at its best) is good with me. The film is called Siam Sunset, it’s probably not that easy to get hold of, but I’d deem it worth a moment of your time.

In non media related news, the weather today is absolutely glorious, so we will be popping into the town of Bonn to see what that is all about. What it is all about, I will no doubt update you with at some point soon. Culture, villages, cycling. It’s all here folks.

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