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The ongoing review of stuff that Vera owns is still ongoing, I can report. This is actually reaping some dividends for me, it turns out that having a girlfriend who is taller than me means that most of her clothes fit me. Transgender dressing aside (only on the weekends), my clothing range has expanded. I even have some new trainers. The g-strings do chafe slightly however.

It turns out that stuff collection is a pretty big sport over here. Tomorrow a truck will pootle through town and pick up all the extra spare stuff that people no longer want (the pile outside our house is growing rapidly), and it seems that the piles outside other peoples houses are at least equal to the mountain outside ours. Is everyone from Walberberg about to up sticks and head to New Zealand I wonder? It seems unlikely. Although if anyone is in the market for an ancient pair of skis, there are some outside the house opposite. Bargain hunters are already roaming the streets, searching for choice items in other peoples discarded items. It’s like a giant furniture sale, except everything is free. Bring your own trailer.

In football related news, Germany take on Spain tomorrow in the semi-finals. Word has reached me that the psychic octopus, Paul, has predicted a Spanish victory. Thus far he has predicted every outcome of Germany’s world cup career successfully, so clearly his predictions cannot be taken with a pinch of salt. Even if the Argentineans suggested Paul may be better off being served as a paella. Bless. Still, hopes continue to be high, and we’ll be watching the game carefully. With any luck, both Germany and Holland will qualify for the final, then Europe will casually fall into war. Excellent.

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