Oh, crikey

There are pivotal moments in a relationship. You know, the First Kiss. (And first other stuff that we won’t go into for fear of having to X-rate the blog.) The moving in together. The discussion about where the relationship is. The official confirmation of the relationship on facebook. Etc.. Lots of these are actually fun. However, today is a first that is usually not rated entirely highly as an activity, that being the first time I Meet The Parents. Capitalised, justly I feel. Naturally I am well prepared for the event. I have rolled my dreads. Topics of conversation are mentally prepared (What do you do? Not a lot. What do you intend to do with the rest of your life? As little as possible. And so on.) I can only see it going well.

That, I’m sure, is enough of a relationship update. No-one wants to read too much about this stuff I’m sure, unless it is of the going comically wrong nature. Naturally I will let you know when that happens.

I learnt yesterday that there is a giant gaming expo going on in Cologne towards the end of August, called Gamescon. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m quite a fan of gaming (although I have cut down my fix to the once a year review of the best games, as Chosen By Craig (tm)), so this will be a good opportunity to wander around and see all the latest developments before heading off to New Zealand for another year or so of technological hermitry. I am just making these words up folks. The spellchecker is having an apoplectic fit.

Otherwise it is back to business as usual in Germany. The sun is shining. The backgammon has been played. A giant thunderstorm nearly took the roof off yesterday. The sunflowers are flowering. The cats are slowly turning into puddles of cat fur in the heat. Summer continues to be pretty great. Enjoy! (apologies if you are reading this from the Southern Hemisphere in Winter. I can highly recommend a swallow like northerly migration.)

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