Rollerblade your life away

I may have mentioned yesterday that my girlfriend collects stuff. I was perhaps kind with this description, yesterday I was given a brief overview of some of the things that she has acquired over the years, and I can reveal that the content includes IV stands - those things you get in hospitals to hang drips from. You know, just in case. Rest assured therefore, that if something happens to me out here, the ambulance people will not be short of a saline drip stand or two.

I bring this up again because from time to time a hidden gem appears from the mountainous piles of things that are being mined through. Yesterdays gem was a fine pair of Italian made Roces rollerblades, which for some convenient reason, fit me perfectly. A bit of cleaning later (I subsequently lost housemate points for not entirely cleansing the shower of rollerblade mud, points I recouped with other housemates in the form of making dinner, it’s a complex system) and some lubricant applied to the wheels (ABEC5 bearings, 92A compound, for those interested in such things), it was time to see if I could still remember how to blade.

For those wondering, I did used to do quite a lot of wandering around on eight wheels, I started at uni with a couple of friends and we transported ourselves nearly everywhere on them. So I had some faith that I wasn’t going to entirely smear myself across the road. And it turned out that rollerblading is much like riding a bike, you don’t really forget. The cycle roads here are perfect for it, nice and smooth and car free (although the classic tree root under the road problem is certainly in effect), so we went a whole 8 kilometres, with me on blades and Vera on her bike. Which was nice.

In other non rollerblading news, it’s pretty warm over here at the moment, the kind of heat you really wouldn’t want to be going to work in. The thermometer is registering 36 in the shade, which is certainly toasty warm. There is the possibility that I will be getting to grips with the lawnmower and maybe even trimming some vines that have grown up the side of the house. In case people thought I just sat around all day being of no value. Or I could just look forward to the Nadal v Murray game. Choices.

I’ve also just about completed uploading a number of videos from the Australia trip onto the internet. We spent a year travelling around the country, and as well as taking a very large number of pictures, we also from time to time did video spots. We never found anywhere in Oz with sufficiently fast internet to enable us to upload them, but now I have, so a bit more sorting and a link will be posted shortly. If that is the sort of thing to interest you. Keep on smiling folks!

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