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Lonely cloud in Tasmania Ah, clouds. Giant fluffy bits of candy floss floating leisurely in a perfect sky. Or rain filled destroyers of beach holidays. However you feel about clouds, they pretty much always manage to provide ample opportunity for photography, from sunny days to sunsets, thunderstorms to odd shapes.

Here are a few of my more favourite cloud photos, taken over the last couple of years, featuring sunsets, cloud patterns, giant fluffy clouds and, well, you get the idea.

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Anticrepuscular rays at sunset

These beams of light from a sunset in the Australian outback are known as Anticrepuscular rays, which may be my new favourite word of the day.

Clouds reflecting in the water on the Fraser island beach - Queensland - Australia

Clouds reflecting on the beach of Fraser Island, Australia. This would also have fitted in nicely with my recent reflections photo theme post!

Clouds on Mount Bogong - Victoria - Australia

A cloud hovers wonderfully over the top of Mount Bogong – the highest peak in Australia’s Victorian Alps.

Clouds in the Western Australian outback before a thunderstorm

Ominously grey clouds in the Australian outback, the precursor to a violent thunderstorm.

Ngauruhoe panorama HDR

And finally, Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand dips its head into the clouds in this HDR panoramic shot

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