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Me doing fire poi Ah, fire. What a wonderful element. (I know, it’s not an element. Actually, i have no idea what it is. Do enlighten me if you know. Anyway.) You can set stuff on it, you can peer at it, you can warm yourself near it. Coals can be heated up, and food can be cooked over it. It’s about the most primitive way to entertain yourself (well, ok, there are probably a few others that I won’t go into here, this being, thus far, a family friendly site), and it’s a great subject for photography.

Today’s photo theme post, therefore, is all on the theme of fire. Fire being twirled around, fire consuming parts of Australia, fire providing warmth and fire being, well, firey. Is there anything fire can’t do? I have no idea. Enjoy the photos as always, and don’t forget, you can always keep up to date with more posts like this either via the RSS feed or on the Facebook page!

Sun setting into a bush fire - Northern Territory - Australia

The sun obscured by the smoke of a bush fire near our camp in Australia’s Northern Territory. Bush fires up here are usually a controlled event used to manage the land. To see what this looked like later on in the evening, take a look at my star themed post, where the stars fall into the glow of the fire.

Camp fire in the outback

A campfire – a quintessential part of any camping experience. Warmth, light and endless opportunities to poke. Here the embers escaping into the night provide an interesting series of vein like lines when taken with a six second exposure and a tripod.

High speed shot of campfire flames

In contrast to the previous shot, this is a very fast shutter speed (1/4000th) shot of a camp fire. It’s pretty amazing how fast fire moves, and attempting to freeze it can be a bit of a challenge.

Fire twirlers at an ouback festival

And finally, proof that fire is great for a bit of entertainment. Here, a series of fire twirlers using staff, poi and even fire hula hoops go through their moves at a festival in the New South Wales outback. 

Well, that’s it for the fire related shots for now. I hope you enjoyed them – as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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