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Today’s featured post was provided by Sam Adkins, writing about the necessity for decent travel insurance when on a cruise. I believe that getting good travel insurance is important for any holiday, with cruise ships being no exception! Over to Sam to explain why travel insurance is so important for anyone embarking on an ocean based adventure…

Travelling on a cruise ship with several hundred people and a new place to explore every day is, for many, a dream holiday. There are new friends to be made as well as plenty of fun activities to enjoy on board, from swimming to dining, dancing to shopping. Some cruises even have gaming and Las Vegas style shows. True hotels on the ocean!

But it may not all be fun and games. As with any holiday, there are risks involved with a trip on a cruise ship, and for peace of mind a traveller would do well to prepare themselves in advance. Risks such as ship-borne illnesses can ruin everyone’s vacation, with the close quarters environment of a cruise ship meaning that infectious diseases can spread like wildfire.

Whilst you may not be able to avoid on board sickness at the time, if you have insurance, at least you can suffer through any illness in the knowledge than you are going to be well looked after and financially secure.

As well as sickness, there are other risks that a cruise ship can pose to your health.The constant motion caused by the sea, along with potentially wet stairs, mean that your chance of a slip or fall is probably higher than normal, particularly if you've not got your sea legs. Cruise ships are also as much at risk of fire or other incidents as other large hotels.

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All these risks mean that having a good life and/or health insurance policy before leaving port is a wise investment. Purchasing coverage is not an added expense that should be avoided, particularly with the savings that can be made when shopping for insurance online. It can mean the difference between being able to deal with a medical emergency or crisis while away from home and feeling helpless. In addition, life coverage can cover your final expenses as a result of serious tragedy.

Going on a cruise without life and/or health coverage may seem like no big deal, but is just as much a disadvantage as traveling without pocket money. True, it may never be needed, but imagine being caught in a pinch without it. Those traveling without coverage will be liable for any and all expenses if a medical emergency arises. For example, if the need to be air lifted off the ship arises, without coverage the traveller will be billed for the service.

So, book the cruise and pack the luggage, just don’t forget to purchase piece of mind by getting insured. There is so much to do on a cruise, and so much fun to be had! No one wants to be bogged down by worrying what will happen in case of illness, accident, or death while on vacation. Life and/or health insurance plans can help ease these concerns as you will know that everything will be taken care of.

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