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Today’s featured guest post was provided by John-James Brice. Safari’s in Africa are one of my absolute favourite types of adventure holiday, and Africa has always captivated me as a continent. It is incredibly wild and untamed with so much to see and explore – once you have visited you will always want to go back. On with the post!

Safari holidays, for many of us, are once in a lifetime holidays that generate memories that will last forever. Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience the blazing African sun setting across the auburn savannah while observing some of the most fascinating animals in the world in their natural habitat will tell you that it is the most rewarding experience they have ever had.

If you are planning your safari holiday, there is no doubt it is an exciting prospect. But after a closer inspection of the scenario, you may feel that all of the decisions and choices involved in creating an unforgettable holiday to be in fact fairly daunting.

A good place to start the process is deciding on which African nation you wish to visit. Every country has something different to offer and again you may be torn in terms of the multitude of choice involved.

To help out, we have summarised for you three of the more popular locations:

Sunset in Botswana from flickr user dkeats

Photo from flickr user dkeats


Botswana offers the largest elephant population in Africa making it the perfect destination if you are looking for an elephant back safari experience. The landscape is breathtakingly diverse in terms of savannah and wetlands. Botswana is a very grown up and serene safari destination and is probably best suited to an older couple.


Kenya is one of the better known safari destinations and its plethora of wildlife makes it that way. The country is lucky enough to have slightly more funds poured into its reserves thanks to its fame, which makes it a somewhat safer experience and suited better to a family getaway. Kenya is a great first timer’s safari and offers sightings of all of the ‘Big 5’.

Kitgum to Kidepo valley park uganda from flickr user Conservationconcepts

Photo from flickr user conservationconcepts


Uganda is an animal lovers dream. Home to some of the most amazing wildlife, specifically primates, Uganda is a relatively untouched equatorial paradise. There is more to see than just gorillas and chimps though, the sprawling national parks are also inhabited by lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and giraffe.

Many thanks to John-James for providing today’s informative post! If you’ve got any experiences of safari in Africa, do share them in the comments below!

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