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When I was asked if I was interested in a guest post on Florida – I was a little sceptical. I mean, this is the place where if you’re not into Disney, you might as well go home, right? Well, it turns out that this isn’t quite the case, as today’s guest post on some of Florida’s most unusual attractions demonstrates. Have you visited any of these attractions in Florida? Hit up the comments at the end and let me know!

Despite what you may have been led to believe – Florida has a lot more going for it than just hanging out with Mickey Mouse and his various furry friends. There are an abundance of alternatives to the sugar-sweetness of the Magic Kingdom, so much so that if you don’t want to step foot anywhere near it, there is no danger of becoming bored.

With a wealth of cheap flights to Florida just waiting to be snapped up, why not treat yourself to a trip to The Sunshine State and openly boycott the areas biggest attraction? Here is a list of five of the region’s most unusual spots…

Coral Castle

You wont believe that this weird and wonderful sculpture garden was built by just one man armed with a hammer and chisel! Between 1923 and 1951, Edward Leedskalnin sweat blood and tears single-handedly carving 1,100 tonnes of coral rock into the attraction that it is today. No-one seems to know why he did it but it’s a nice place to wander around and there is no risk of Goofy jumping out from behind a rock in an effort to gatecrash your photo opportunity.

Coral Castle, Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge

Now, this hotel is something that dreams are made of and although you wont be seeing The Little Mermaid, there is no harm in taking a look. To access this underwater hotel you will need to don your scuba gear and descend 21 feet beneath the water. Rest your head for the night in complete peace while the ocean creatures go about their business around you.

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

Whether or not you believe Dave Shealy, the owner and head researcher into the potentially mythical Skunk Ape, this unusual museum is well worth a look. The museum is his life’s work and is open to the public seven days a week from 7am-7pm. In addition to information about the elusive Skunk Ape, you can peruse reptile and bird exhibits.

Spongeorama’s Sponge Factory

In Tarpon Springs, natural sponges are big business. This fun-sounding factory has a museum dedicated to the unusual craft of sponge making and the sponge industry over the years. Spongeorama’s has the largest collection of natural sea sponges anywhere in the world. There’s a movie which will tell you everything that you could possibly want to know and it’s all absolutely free! Splendid.spongeorama Sponge factory Florida

The Bubble Room and Orlando’s Bomb Damaged Restaurant

Just when you are facing the risk of fast-food overload in yet another chain restaurant, you go and stumble upon something truly different. Both of these spots are totally and utterly wonderfully whacky. The Bubble Room is a kitschy 1940’s theme restaurant where absolutely everything is covered with Christmas decorations, photos, animated Santa’s and memorabilia of all kinds. It may be tacky but it’s great fun!

Orlando’s bomb damaged restaurant is a restaurant styled to look just like an old war-wrecked airbase. The leaky roof and dilapidated nature of the premises just adds to its unusual charm. Who needs McDonalds?

Who indeed! Thanks to Carly for providing today’s guest post, all about Florida’s wackiest attractions!

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