In photos: From the Facebook Page Edition V

Giant tree by Laurence of

And we’re back with another round up of some of the most popular photos I’ve shared on my facebook page over the last month or so. The previous entries in this series have been some of my most successful posts to date, so why stop a winning formula!

I also love how this series lets me throw out a whole mix of photos from my travels around the world – although as I’m currently in Thailand for a few months you will see a fairly Thai based influence for a little while!

Enough of the chat, let’s get on with some of my most popular photos from facebook, as “liked” by my fans on facebook.

Statue and two wats sukhothai hdr

This is part of the ancient city of Sukhothai, which we visited as during our tour of Thailand

Buddha statue

 A seated buddha in the ancient city of Sukhothai. This one was captured with my smartphone.

Water bird back

Water droplets in close up on a birds back

River guest house River Kwai

This was where we stayed in the town of Kanchanaburi in Thailand, on the river Kwai. If you’re looking for seriously rustic accomodation with incredible sunset views, then you could check out the River Guesthouse for your visit :)

Statue with many hands-001

Not too far from the town of Kanchanburi we stumbled upon a large sculpture park which seemed to be in the process of being either built or renovated. No-one seemed to mind us wandering around and taking pictures though.

Wat Arun temple sunset Bangkok Thailand

Whilst in Bangkok we saw some very funky sunsets, like this one from Wat Arun.

Erawan Falls 1 HDR

 Thailand has some wonderful waterfalls, like this one – Erawan Falls, a short journey away from the town of Kanchanaburi.

Buddha statue many hands

More from that weird sculpture park. We kinda liked it there.

Temple Kanchanburi HDR 1

Thailand has a lot of temples, something that will become apparent over the coming weeks. Some of them are more modern, like this one in Kanchanaburi.

Sunset river kwai 2

We saw some spectacular sunsets over the River Kwai, such as this one, between some raft houses.

Bridge over River Kwai HDR 1

And obviously I couldn’t talk about the River Kwai without bringing up the famous bridge! It’s a sobering place to visit, with a lot of fairly horrific memories.

Chao Phraya river sunset bangkok thailand

Here’s another sunset, but this time over the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

Frost covered leaves New Zealand

Before I left for Thailand it was getting a bit chilly. These frosted leaves in New Zealand were a visual representation of that!

Light of night

I got a little experimental with phone – this is a tree lit by a street light at night in France. I liked the effect!

Sunset Cape le Grand

Here’s a sunset from the bottom half of Australia – over the Cape Le Grand national park in Western Australia in fact.

Tolaga Bay beach[3] (1)

Taken from our trip around New Zealand’s East Cape, this is the beautiful Tolaga Bay.

Girona street

From beaches to gorgeous little European towns – this being Girona in the Costa Brava region of Spain.


More from Costa Brava – this is a hidden little swimming hole at the Gorge of Cogolls, which we reached by bicycle.

Instagram autumn trees

More experimentation with the phone here – this time trying to capture the essence of autumn which was in full swing in Europe when we left for Thailand.

Sunset over Freiburg Ganter brewery[3]

A sunset from Germany now, this being a sunset in the town of Freiburg near the black forest.

Bird Island Seychelles

I can see my house from here! Ok, not so much my house now, but this was where I grew up – Bird Island in the Seychelles.

Sunset Costa Brava Cap Creus

A Costa Brava sunset, across the Cap Creus national park, near Dali’s birth place.

Light filtering through trees

A wintery light filtering through the trees in France

Sunset sailboat lake Constance

And finally for today, a sailboat on Lake Constance in southern Germany at sunset!

Well, I hope that’s inspired you. Maybe you’re even keen to follow me on facebook if you’re not already a fan! Or, if you just want to check out what else you’ve missed, why not take a look at the other editions in this series. Enjoy!

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