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New Town Hall Munich

We recently took a road trip across France to Germany, and one of our stopping off points was the Bavarian town of Munich. This is mostly known for being the home of Oktoberfest, where strapping young ladies cart around gigantic jugs of beer to jolly tourists and locals alike.

We missed Oktoberfest by the skin of our teeth (although we did get to drink some beer in a large glass served by a lovely young lady, so we were happy about that), but we did manage to at least have a day of exploring the town, with the odd beer thrown in for authenticity.

It was a very wet day of Munich exploration, which didn’t make for perfect photography conditions, but I did manage to sneak a few shots I was pleased with, including some Instagram captures. I also managed to get incredibly wet feet – wellies would perhaps have been the better choice than my sponge like choice of trainers. We live and learn. Here are some memories of that day!

Photos of Munich in the rain

Munich in a drop of water

When I visit a town, I like to get a view of it from as high as possible. When we visited, this meant climbing St. Peter’s church (Peterskirsche), which sits practically in the middle of the city, and offers spectacular views. Probably more spectacular in the sun, but still. You don’t get to frame buildings in rain droplets in the sun.

Munich in the rain HDR 1

The rain meant the city streets were wet, which meant shiny reflections, and people wandering with brightly coloured umbrellas. I liked the effect I achieved with the HDR version of this shot of the Frauenkirche.

Munich palace of Justice night edited

It wasn’t all rain of course. The day before our rainy tour, we were given a tour of some of the night time sights of Munich by +Laurel Robbins of Monkeys and Mountains, who was our host for our time in Munich. This is the palace of justice at night.

Statue against colourful backdrop Munich

Munich was such a colourful city – this building for example was done out in yellow bricks. No idea why, but it was a nice juxtaposition to the rain!

Munich old town hall

This is Munich’s old town hall. Which oddly, looks newer than the new town hall, just across the square.

Munich new town hall toy effect

And this would be the new town hall (on the right), with the twin towers and red roof of the Frauenkirche in the background.

Munich beer hall

And finally – you can’t have a photo post of Munich without including a picture of a beer hall – which is also a handy place to escape the rain! This one is the Hofbrauhaus, arguably the most famous of the beer halls in Munich, partly due to it’s association with the Nazi party, who held meetings here.

And that’s it for my day of Munich exploration! Have you been to Munich? Have any thoughts on the above? Do share in the comments below!

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