Discover Cyprus on a Self-Guided Cycling Tour

Cyprus holiday Today’s post was provided by Jennifer on behalf of, writing about one of my favourite ways of getting around – the bicycle! Read on to find out why a bike is the best way to discover the isle of Cyprus…

If you’ve been inspired by the London Olympics, or simply want to follow through on your New Year’s resolution to get fit, a self-guided cycling tour could be just what you’re looking for.

Battling against the brisk blustery winds of the Yorkshire Moors is one option, but why risk a dodgy British summer? With such cheap flights to Cyprus available from airlines like Jet2 or Ryanair, you can discover this beautiful island on your own tailor-made biking holiday.

How Does Self-Guided Cycling Work?

Basically the only rule is that at some point you will be on a bike, the rest is up to you! Generally though, you will arrive at the designated starting point with your normal luggage. A representative takes your luggage from you so you’re free to hop onto your bike and follow a pre-set route, stopping at pre-booked accommodation along the way where you will be met by your luggage.

The Cyprus coast

This liberates you to discover the sprawling, unspoilt landscape of Cyprus at your own pace, and the bike hire, accommodation, airport and luggage transfers should be included in the cost. Flights are not often included, but with so many cheap flights as we already mentioned, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

The Fitness Test

Cycling in Cyprus Unless you and your biking companions are all in training for Rio 2016 it’s likely your group are of mixed abilities. You may be travelling with the family all with varying ages and ailments, but as you’ll be travelling at a pace that suits you, everyone will enjoy the ride.

The bikes should come with GPS to find your way, and all of the group can set off on a route together and turn back to the cool pool at the villa when they’ve had enough.

Daily distance and incline gains can be worked out so you can pace yourself, and you can also arrange an uplift service to give you that helping hand to take the pain out of any hill climb. This is usually paid extra to a local service.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus has all of the ingredients to make an excellent biking experience. The west of the island near the towns of Polis and Latchi has some truly beautiful coastal stretches, and the scenery is wonderfully diverse with mountains, gorges, river valleys, forest ranges, coast and rocky top roads.

Cypriot village

Good weather is also a given, as the sun shines on an average 340 days a year. With this in mind you may want to avoid the hottest months of July and August, and always carry plenty of water!

Thanks to Jennifer to providing today’s post! Have you ever done a cycling holiday? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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