The unknown treasures of Eastern Europe


Despite having spent a great deal of time travelling around Europe, my trails have never taken me to Eastern Europe, other than a quick city break in Prague. So when Chloe contacted me asking if I’d host a post on Croatia, in Eastern Europe, naturally I was interested. Read on to find out why this is a country to add to your list!

When planning places to visit around Europe, the bigger nations in the west are usually the first areas that come to mind.

It’s common for many of us who have visited these countries, and particularly their major cities, to gasp over the high price of living. The reality is that places like Zurich, London and Paris are always going to be expensive. So what are your options if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper?

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain in the 90’s, a growing number of backpackers have found Eastern Europe to be a captivating - and cheaper! - alternative when it comes to discovering a different side of the continent.

Croatia for a change


Some countries are easily overlooked when it comes to planning a holiday in Europe. This might be because of time restrictions, distance - or just a lack of information. I would argue that these decisions can be a mistake. There are plenty of hidden gems in Europe that are often missed out, and one of these is Croatia.

Croatia’s picturesque coastline is just one of the many reasons why a growing number of Europeans are heading there for some R&R, with the lively harbours of Istria captivating many visitors, and a sailing trip along the Dalmatian coast providing unforgettable memories for others.

Croatia’s culture and history offer multiple other reasons to visit, with UNESCO sites such as Diocletian’s Palace dotted all around the country. Even better, despite the tourism boost, the country is still relatively affordable to travel around meaning you will have money in the bank to spend on entrance fees and dining out. Many travel guides are warming to Croatia as an up and coming destination, so get in early before the crowds!

if you plan on visiting Croatia you’ll find that thankfully, affordable accommodation isn’t impossible. As well as hotels and other slightly quirky accommodation options (see below) you could also choose the option to stay at campsites in Croatia. This is a great alternative, as Croatian summers are very pleasant and the scenery for camping is superb.


The right accommodation

With tourism growing in Eastern Europe, countries like Croatia like to live up to visitors expectations, and this has resulted in there being several interesting accommodation options. .

As well as hotels, you’ll be able to choose to stay in lighthouses<, which have become a niche form of accommodation for people wanting something a little bit out of the box.

Whatever your budget, Croatia and Eastern Europe have something to offer everyone. The previously mentioned holiday parks are safe and popular amongst locals.

So if stretching your money out in Europe is your goal, why not head out East, and discover what other parts of the continent have to offer.

Thanks to Chloe for providing today’s post. If you’ve got any thoughts on travelling in Eastern Europe, do drop them in the comments below!

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