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Coaches. Generally a handy way to get around, although not always at the fastest pace possible. So you are likely to need a distraction. Or a magic device to hold a pint of beer. Or just something to sleep on. In today’s guest post, sent over in partnership with Coach Holidays, you’ll find all of the above, plus a few other tips to keep you occupied as you journey!


If you’re not that into reading and prefer to spend all of your time on your phone, you’ll need some extra battery life for a long coach journey.

The PowerCase for the iPhone 5 gives 100% extra battery life, meaning you have a good few extra hours of tweeting pictures of your window view.



Travel pillows are a well-recognised must when it comes to long journeys. There are literally thousands of different brand out there that promise the best posture, support and comfort to stop you damaging your neck in favours of a good night’s sleep.

The difficulty is that a lot of them are uncomfortable, the plastics used can be sweaty and prone to breaking, and some are so big that they’re just plain embarrassing.

After putting up with using all these dodgy pillows and having to see the embarrassing ones while working as a flight attendant, Gemma Jensen decided to do her own take on the pillow, which ended up winning her the British Invention of the Year.

imageBrown Paper Lunch Bag

Recreate that school trip feel with a brown paper lunch bag. This bag boasts it’s resistance to tearing, leaking and letting the food inside warm up. It’s probably the most luxurious paper bag ever.

SpareOne Mobile Phone

The Powercase is great if you have a smartphone, but some people aren’t interested in having one at all.

If you come under that category the SpareOne is great for you. It’s powered by a single AA battery, yet boasts a 1 year lifespan (I assume that’s if there are no emergencies) and the only other thing it requires is the local sim card for an areas.

Pocket Pint

imageImagine the situation: you have exactly a pint of ale floating in a big blob, somewhere in the Welsh valleys.

It’s not going anywhere, but the amber ball of liquid, in whatever magical state it’s in, looks delicious. You put your mouth to its edge to drink, but you’ve broken the seal and it falls to a puddle by your feet.

This wouldn’t happen if you had a pocket pint! Using an innovative ring-slot system, the pint retracts to a circle only 4cm deep, and is surprisingly water-tight when extended. You’ll never miss a magic floating ball of welsh ale again.

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Thanks to Coach Holidays for today’s post! What would you add to your coach holiday list? Fire away in the comments below!

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