Top four tips for staying safe on your solo travels

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Today’s post is being published in association with Flybe, who have helpfully put together some basic tips for staying safe when travelling solo. I’d say these tips are also helpful for keeping yourself safe in any travel scenario, solo or not! I hope you find them helpful, and if you have any to add, fire away in the comments at the end!

If you’re thinking about taking a gap year or just want to take a few weeks off work to travel the world and are thinking about making the trip alone, there may well be a few things you’re apprehensive about and there’s a good chance that staying safe is one of them.

However don’t be put off, travelling solo is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things that you can do. All you need is a little bit of common sense and a plan.

1. Always try to arrive at a new destination during the day

Arriving in a new destination at night, especially if it’s a city, can be disorientating and overwhelming. So, if you can, always try to arrive in the morning or the afternoon.

If you’ve got no choice but to arrive at night, try to book your accommodation in advance and head straight there. That way you’ll be able to dump your bags, get your bearings and get some local advice before heading out again.

2. Try to avoid travelling at odd hours of the night

Though travelling often involves a lot of night trains and night buses, do your best to ensure that you’re not hanging around bus and train stations when everyone else has gone home.

If there’s only one train or bus a day, you should find that some of the cheapest flights online will also go to your required destination and should be a lot safer than waiting around a deserted station.

3. Always tell someone where you’re heading

You’ve probably heard this one a million times before but that’s because it’s incredibly important. If anything does go wrong, you’ll be a lot safer if someone knows where you are or where you were heading.

4. Try to learn a little bit about each destination before you arrive

Last but definitely not least, always try to learn something about your destination before you arrive. Whether it is a few words in the local language or the names of different parts of the city, this will help you to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings and settle in fast.

Travelling solo is a great way to see the world, so use your common sense, stay safe and you’ll have the time of your life.

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