A Galapagos Christmas with @GalaKiwi

Blue footed booby Galapagos

Ok, so the title gives it away a bit.

But we’re pretty excited about this one.

We’re going to the Galapagos for Christmas this year!

Deep breaths, carry on.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend Christmas in some pretty funky places around the world, but the Galapagos tops the list as by far the most exciting destination to get our tinsel on.

Even better - we’re going to be hanging around over New Year as well, to see how all that amazing wildlife celebrates New Year.


I suspect they celebrate by doing the same stuff they do every other day of the year. But we won’t know that for sure until we see it  for ourselves, will we?

Of course, we’re not just going to the Galapagos. Oh no. We’re doing all kinds of fun stuff while we’re there.

We’re thrilled to be partnering up with GalaKiwi for our trip, on their 10 day adventure tour of the Galapagos. And looking at the itinerary, we are going to have our hands full. We’ll be:

  • Visiting four of the islands in the Galapagos archipelago
  • Snorkelling with sea lions, turtles and more!
  • Mountain biking across San Cristobal Island
  • Visiting Pink Flamingos
  • Hiking up a Volcano – the second largest crater in the world!
  • Kayaking with Penguins
  • Sampling delicious local food
  • Visiting the Charles Darwin Research Centre
  • Exploring lava tunnels
  • Hang out with giant tortoises and learn the secrets of longevity

And lots more! We’re going to be starting the adventure by exploring Quito, and then we’re flying over to the islands for what can only be described as an action packed tour!


We’re particularly excited to be working with tour company GalaKiwi on this trip. They’re a local, Galapagos based tour company, and they pioneered the idea of the land based Galapagos adventure tour. There’s a reason that major tour operators, including Intrepid, Contiki and G Adventures, have all used GalaKiwi as their local Galapagos experts!

They’re also the only tour company to offer Yoga Tours, Bike Tours, and a Photography tour of the Galapagos, just in case the adventure tour that we’ll be doing wasn’t enough. You can see all their tours here.

Because they’re based on the islands, and their guides are all resident (meet the guides here!) on the islands year round, they’re going to be able to give us a really local experience, something we are really looking forward to.

Galapagos Family Trip 064

We’ll be visiting the local restaurants and coffee shops, and meeting the people who live and work on these islands year round. We’re looking forward to sharing their stories with you.

Did I mention how excited we are yet? Like, really excited!

We’ve heard that internet access in the Galapagos can be a bit flakey, but we’re going to do our best to keep you updated on our adventures as we go.


The best way to follow those adventures in real time is over on our Instagram Feed or Facebook Page, where we’ll be doing our best to share photos and tales as we go. Also, check out the GalaKiwi Facebook Page and Twitter feed for more on what these guys do.

And of course, we’ll be posting updates (and lots of photos!) to this very blog as soon as we can!

Stay tuned for more!

As we’ve not been to the Galapagos quite yet, the image in this post were kindly provided by GalaKiwi and Paul Kennedy for us to use. Thanks guys!

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