Florida: It’s Not Just Orlando!

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Today’s featured post was provided by Nikolai, writing all about Florida, which, it turns out, is about much more than Orlando. I’ve only seen the inside of Miami airport, so I’ve got a lot to learn still, and I hope this post comes in useful when I finally make it to Florida for real someday! Enjoy!

What do you think about when the destination ‘Florida’ is mentioned? Do you think about laidback beach breaks, golf courses and areas of natural beauty? Probably not. Images of theme parks, Disney characters, water rides and rollercoasters will likely be the first things to spring to mind. After all, Florida is the home to Orlando!

While cheap flights to Orlando are available for all the families out there who would love nothing more than to spend a week or two appreciating everything that the resort has in store, there are also plenty of other places to stay during your visit to Florida. You could even consider a twin-centre break so that you can take advantage of the theme parks and attractions, as well as the more subdued and chilled side of the Sunshine State.

Take a look at some of these popular resorts that each brings something different to the table, without a white-knuckle ride in sight!

Lake Cain Hills can be found in the heart of Orange County and while it’s within easy access of all the fun of the theme parks, it occupies an area that’s much more relaxing and laidback if you’re looking for a piece of the quiet life.

Kissimmee offers a whole host of attractions that are a far cry away from the adrenaline-filled theme parks. Golfing, for example, is a popular pastime here, while the shopping and entertainment on offer will keep you busy day after day.

Key Largo, part of the Florida Keys at the southernmost point of the state, is an idyllic destination if you wish to enjoy a little piece of paradise. Diving is particularly popular here, while the wildlife spotting opportunities are second to none.

Whether you wish to focus on the theme parks or you’d prefer to avoid them and appreciate what else the state has to offer, a week or more in Florida will be a perfect way to spend your summer break.

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