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Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Berlin! It’s one of my favourite cities in Europe for wandering around with a camera, snapping photos of such iconic landmarks as the Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery.

So when the time came to pick a location for the first Lightmoves Creative workshop of 2014, Berlin seemed to be the obvious choice!

Wind backwards a moment. What is Lightmoves Creative you ask? Well, it’s a collaborative project that I’ve launched recently with two wonderfully talented photographers, Daniel Nahabedian of Canvas of Light, and Dustin Main of Dustin Main’s A Skinny Escape.


These guys are two photographers whose work I’ve enjoyed for a long time, so when the chance came along to pool our talents and launch a project together, naturally I leapt at it. Our goal is simple: doing more photography focused endeavours together, which, I’m pleased to say, includes teaching what we know to you guys!

We started off in Dublin in the Autumn of 2013, where Daniel and I led a photo-walk around that gorgeous city, and also spoke at Europe’s largest travel blogging conference, TBEX, on the subject of photography. Since then Daniel has led workshops in Thailand, and has a tour scheduled for New Zealand in April, whilst Dustin and I have been busy gallivanting around South East Asia and South America respectively.

Laurence and Dan speaking at TBEX Dublin

Between us we have three very different styles, but we all share the same love for photography, and we’re really excited to have the opportunity to share that with you!

After the success of our photo-walk in Dublin, we’ve been asked if we would do more similarly themed events, with the focus on teaching the art of photography. Naturally the answer is yes!

Our experience has taught us that small groups offer you the best chance to learn, with the emphasis on getting as much one-on-one time with us as possible.

For our day in Berlin, the plan is to spend the whole day out and about in the city, with Daniel and I leading a group of no more than ten people in total. This will work out to no more than five people per photographer, and will give everyone plenty of time to learn as much as possible.

Holocaust Memorial HDR 1

And speaking of learning – the workshop will be tailored to your photography goals. Want to learn more about what you can do with your camera? The basics of composition? Or maybe you want to learn about shooting for HDR? Whatever your gear or skill set, the size of the group means we can teach based on YOUR needs, so that you get the most out of the day.

Finally - we’re not really thinking of this as a photo-walk or photo-tour. This is going to be a mobile workshop, where we can teach you everything you want to know about photography - with the city streets providing the classroom!

We firmly believe that hands on teaching in the real world is the best way to learn about photography, where you can instantly apply what you’ve learnt, and we can give you real-time advice and feedback.

Lightmoves Creative photowalk Dublin

So if you are in Berlin on Saturday the 8th of March, or know someone who will be, and would like to spend the day with Daniel and I, wandering around this gorgeous city and learning all about photography, then head on over to our signup page to get involved, where you will also find more details about the day.

And if you do so before the 31st January – you’ll qualify for the early bird 25% discount!

Can’t make it to Berlin this time? Don’t worry: we’re planning on doing a lot more of these workshops over the coming months. You can sign up to our Lightmoves Creative newsletter to be notified when we’re in a location near you!

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