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Beaches! I love them. So much so that the last post I did on this site was all about beaches. And that wasn’t even the first.

Being as I am keen to share my knowledge with you folks on the subject of photography, via both tips and advice on this very blog, and through the medium of the spoken word at the odd workshop, it seemed sensible to put together a post all about how to take better beach photos.

Which I just did. Although I actually did it as a post for a site that talks all about beaches pretty much all of the time, which seemed like a good fit.

So, if you want to find out all about taking photos on the beach including:

  • How to get the basics right, including tips on composition.
  • Putting the story together, and how to improve your photos so they’re more than just holiday snapshots.
  • Picking the right gear – beaches can be treacherous places for cameras, so you need to pack wisely to avoid mishap!
  • Finding the light – all that white sand and shiny water can make beach photography really challenging – learn how to use the light to your advantage!

Then head on over to the post, and get your learn on!

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