The Food of Poznan– Summer Edition

Jambalaya at Momo in Poznan, Poland

Maybe you recall that we went to Poznan in Poland recently. Maybe you even remember that it was our second time; our first visit happening last November. Back then we did a post on the food of Poznan, with which we managed to surprise ourselves a bit, I think, because we usually don’t really do food posts. Anyway, you can imagine we were looking very much forward to coming back this summer and eating more of the same stuff again, but that didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen because apparently Poznan in summer means different food than in winter. So this time we went to a few new eateries and places, and while they are just a tiny variety of the joints that you’ll find, we –again- liked each one so much that we’d like to share some pictures of those summery dishes and the places where you’ll get them with you. Bon appetite!

Jezyce Kuchnia

Excited! With Jacek and Wojtek at Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

This little place is in Jezyce, a quarter of town that lays claim to be the centre of all things hip and cool, and it feels surprisingly homey even though its design is deliberately minimalistic. Whether you opt to collapse into a hammock or a deck chair outside, or gather around one of the big wooden tables inside, you’ll most definitely find something on the menu that sparks your interest, even if you might need a bit of help with the translating from the super-friendly (and super-stylish) staff.

Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

Nice touch: vegan and gluten-free dishes are marked as such on the menu. And of course those fresh flowers on the table. Although you can’t eat those. No seriously, don’t try.

Cold vegan cucumber soup@Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

Cold vegan cucumber soup, made with soy yoghurt, apple, mint, and cucumber, of course – incredibly refreshing!

Tasty salad at Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

Loz went for a summery salad as a starter.

Quiche at Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

My main: a tarte, also vegan, if I recall correctly. With white asparagus, broccoli and aubergine puree and pumpkin seeds. Definitely recommended.

Main dish, Jezyce Kuchnia, Poznan, Poland

Loz chose a meat dish as a main, which not only looked like a little piece of art, but also came with a side of potatoes. It didn’t last long.

Here’s a link with some helpful information for Jezyce Kuchnia.

Swietlica in the Imperial Castle

Boris advises us on the menu at Swietlica, Poznan, Poland

The Imperial Castle was among our favourite sights from our last visit, so we were more than willing to go there for our lunch-break. The Swietlica eatery is right under a glass cupola and has a nice open feel to it – and free Wifi! Most people who come throughout the day will perhaps have a coffee and a dessert, whilst reading a book or chatting with a friend. To be honest, that’s what we thought the place was about when we first saw it, but it turns out that they offer a really good lunch here, too!

Again, the staff and the super-nice owner, Boris, are more than happy to translate the menu on the big blackboard behind the counter for you, although it doesn’t make it easier to choose. Can I not just always try everything?

Lunch at Swietlica, Poznan, Poland

Cold beetroot soup. It’s a revelation. Plus crazy green smoothie for extra healthiness. Loz has got a lemon flavoured soup with meatballs going on over there.

Salad at Swietlica, Poznan, Poland

I do like beetroot. And salads.

Bread'n'Butter - Swietlica, Poznan, Poland

These salads do not leave you hungry, but just in case, some bread with herbal butter is served alongside, too.

Hot&Cold - Swietlica, Poznan, Poland

Makes it hard to find some room for dessert, but as we all know: where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Swietlica was a calm and serene little oasis when we were there – if you want a real time-out from sight-seeing, this is your secret alternate universe away from the hustle and bustle. The kind of secret alternate universe that has free Wifi, of course. Duh.

Zielona Weranda

Zielona Weranda, Poznan, Poland

“Zielona Weranda” means “green porch”, and by all means: I don’t think a porch can get much greener than this one! It’s like you’re sitting in a luscious garden in the middle of the city. The inside area is also stunning and decorated by talented people who don’t shy away from putting some effort in their vision to create a place where people might feel like they have just walked into a life version of a home decor magazine.

There’s a little deli and gift shop, too, in case you need a souvenir for a special someone – or for yourself. Zielona Weranda impressed me because the people behind it are aesthetes who have their own style, which they are proud of, but while they are true to their vision, they are also very focused on their customers’ feedback and aim to always answer to it in order to improve. I like that. And we also very much liked their food!

Purple deliciousness in a bowl at Zielona Weranda, Poznan, Poland

Important knowledge: you can never go wrong with beetroot soup. But make it a cold one in summer! Mmmh!

Drinks&Food at Zielona Weranda, Poznan, Poland

It all tastes as good as it looks, except for the tiny biscuit accompanying the iced coffee - it might not look super exciting, but tastes amazing!

Collage Zielona Weranda, Poznan, Poland

Yup, that’s summer.

Lunch at Zielona Weranda in Poznan, Poland

Loz chose a raisin-topped pork dish on wild rice with grapes and cucumber.

And here’s where you find Zielona Weranda!


Serious decisions are about to be made - Momo, Poznan, Poland

We didn’t find the time to dine here on our last visit, although our travelblogging friend Agata, who lives in Poznan, recommended it dearly to us. This time we managed to meet up with Agata, who had been on a trip last November, and she took us to Momo’s, because it was the day of the week when they get their fresh fish.

Momo’s has an easy-going but stylish vibe to it. It’s that kind of place where you want to stick around after you’ve eaten your meal, your elbows planted on the table, sipping on a cold fruity tea creation, chatting away to your friends. And there’s the food, of course.

Love at first bite - but drinks first! - Momo, Poznan, Poland

Loz seeks expert advice on the beer; I’ll have the gigantic ice tea with berries and more, thank you very much!

Getting started at Momo, Poznan, Poland

This bread comes with a dip!

Shrimps fried with garlic, chili and parsley - Momo, Poznan, Poland

I tend to look places up when I write about them, and I saw that some customers said the portions could have been bigger (albeit that the food was excellent). I can’t say I really noticed that, but if big portions are what you desire, you know now. If you come for the taste and the quality, however, you’re at the right place!

We felt very well taken care of and left absolutely satisfied, although without a dessert. That was because Agata hadn’t been yet to the traditional ice-cream shop (can you believe it?!), so we had to take her. Well Momo, we’ll be back for dessert next time…!

Momo restaurant poznan interior

Here’s their Facebook site for more information.

Bigfoot Coffee Shop

Erik Bigfoot coffee shop Poznan

The Bigfoot Coffee Shop is approximately as big as Bigfoot’s foot, I’d say. Big for a foot, otherwise rather cosy. I mean, it’s Poznan’s smallest coffee shop, go figure. Anyway, this one is for the people who claim they don’t really get hungry when it’s hot. I raise an eyebrow and say nothing, but hey, you still want coffee, right? Or a tea or a lemonade. Fluids are fuel!

Okay, okay, this one is a bit of stretch in a post that is called “The Food of…”. Because food wise Bigfoot’s contribution consists of a daily sandwich (albeit ‘gourmet’, and that’s not just a fancy word but the truth) and a daily cookie/muffin/brownie. Also, it’s rather unlikely that you’ll find the Bigfoot Coffee Shop by chance, unless you tend to get lost in the closer surroundings of city centres.

Bigfoot in Poznan, Poland


If you skip the Bigfoot Coffee Shop, you might just miss out on one or more of these magic little encounters that can happen to you while you’re travelling. You know, when you just want to buy a coffee/ ask for directions/ stand randomly on a street corner, and then find yourself bonding with someone who was a complete stranger a minute ago.

In the case of the Bigfoot Coffee Shop, the man behind this kind of magic is Erik Witsoe. Erik is originally from Seattle, but moved to Poznan two and a half years ago with his fiancé Agnieszka. The coffee shop will have its two year anniversary this fall. It may be tiny, but trust me, it contains the potential for hours and hours of conversation. There are little stories everywhere, just waiting for you to say something that’ll bring them out.

Starred Photos6

Erik studied arts, designed the furniture in the shop, sells post-cards with pictures of Poznan that he took himself (I bought one of each, they’re really good), worked in gastronomy for a long time, and does not only get excited about coffee, but about wine, too. And about Poznan, of course: “They are the nicest people here in Poznan!”. I’m pretty sure the people of Poznan think likewise about him!

If you want to get a better impression, here’s a little video, just short of three minutes, and if you want to know how to get there, this is Bigfoot Facebook Page, which has all the information you need.

Below, by the way, is Poznan’s second smallest coffee shop (I’m making this up, but it is probably correct), Café Bimba! How cute is that?! It’s one of Poznan’s old trams turned into a café. You can find it on Zielona Street, near Plac Bernadynski.


Ice-cream (because, summer!)

Wytwornia Lodow Tradycyjnych - Traditional Ice-cream in Poznan, Poland

Poznan is on the map when it comes to artisan ice-cream, and there’s no need to repeat myself, since I have already written about all the gelato goodness in another post, “Five reasons to visit Poznan in summer”. I still have very fond memories of a certain delicious strawberry-champagne sorbet, sigh.

Anywho, this website here is your very own guide to the ice-cream stores in Poznan. Use with caution, and if you get brain-freeze, I recommend pressing the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth! Yep, that’s me looking out for your brain. After all, you probably couldn’t read our posts without it.

Speaking of posts, this one is coming to an end. It was completely calorie-free and I hope you enjoyed it – we certainly enjoyed our research, as you might have suspected… Toodeloo, dear reader – until we meet again!

A big Thank you to Karolina, Wojtek and Jacek from the City of Poznan, who took us out to some of these places, to Agata from Null and Full, who helped us discover the rest of them, and to everyone who was involved in creating all our delicious meals!

Should you need more inspiration for eating out in Poznan, this website tells you everything.

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