20 Spectacular Photos from Around the World: XVII

Acropolis sun beams athens 1 - scaled

Those Roman numerals sure are stacking up aren’t they? Yes, this is the seventeenth edition of the most popular photos from this site’s Facebook Page – where I share at least one photo from my travels every day! Currently almost 400,000 people are following along. And don’t forget – all the photos are taken by me.

This round-up, the first of 2015, features photos from all sorts of places. I’ve been travelling in England, Scotland, California and Finland since the last update, plus of course there are photos from my previous travels. Let’s get started – and don’t forget that you can check out the previous entries in the series right here.

train tracks ecuador devils nose ride2 - scaled

Train track! Ecuador! This is a shot from the end of the Devil’s Nose Train ride, one of the world’s most scenic train rides. You can read more about here.

Paris place concorde reflected in tuileries pond - scaled

When I visited Paris in June 2014, the Place de Concord was filled with scaffolding and other unhelpful non-photogenic contrapations. So I opted for this far away reflection shot instead. It worked out quite well I thought.

New Zealand beaches

This is a beach on the north island of New Zealand, where I have edited the foreground using a (free!) editing technique I shared in one of my newsletters. If you want to learn more about photo-editing, feel free to sign up to the newsletter!

Stirling ranges Australia

This is Castle Rock in the Porongurup National Park of Western Australia, just a few kilometres from the Stirling Ranges. Both are very much worth a visit as they offer fantastic day hiking opportunities, as well as glorious landscape photography locations.

Sand dune australia

Another one from Australia, this one being on the other side, New South Wales. This is a shot of the Stirling Bight, the longest mobile sand dune in the southern hemisphere. Australia never ceases to amaze.

Golden gate bridge black and white long exposure (1 of 1)

Here’s an arty black and white shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. I know, the bridge is red, and the shot would probably benefit from that being obvious, but I like to play around in black and white from time to time. Bear with me.

Bench in Meteora - scaled

The gorgeous Meteora in Greece just blew me away when I visited in 2014. Check out more of my photos from Meteora to see why you need to add this to your travel bucket list!

Sunset river Liffey - scaled

Sunsets! I share a sunset every Sunday on the Facebook Page, and encourage everyone else to do the same in the comments, resulting in my favourite facebook thread of the week every week! This one is over the River Liffey in central Dublin, Ireland.

Clouds over Galle Sri Lanka

Storm clouds gather over the coastal city of Galle in Sri Lanka.

Long room library book of kells_PPS2 - scaled

Another one from Dublin – this is the famous Long Room in Trinity College. Spectacular for photography, although tricky to get a shot without people in…

Meteora landscape Greece rocks road

Another one from Meteora. Yep, that’s a pretty place alright.

Cliffs of Moher

I’m not obsessed with Ireland, honest. This is a shot of the Cliffs of Moher, used in one of my favourite films of all time.

eagle in flight ecuador

An Eagle in flight over the town of Otavalo in Ecuador. I loved my stay in Otavalo when I was in Ecuador, so much so that I ended up staying for two weeks. Find out why, here.

New Zealand mountains colours

New Zealand is a spectacular country. This mountain range was shot near Wanaka on the South Island. I spent a year in New Zealand touring around and working, and if you are planning a trip, you might want to take a look at the series of guides I wrote on the subject, all available for free!

campfire stars finland

And on to Finland. Here’s a shot from an attempt to find the northern lights when visiting Iso-Syöte. I didn’t exactly succeed, but I had an amazing trip, despite the –35C temperatures. I stayed with the Hotel Iso-Syöte (Book with booking.com), who also provided all the safari’s and gear, as well as warming campfires under the stars, and will be posting a fuller overview of that trip experience soon!

Finland blue hour lake morning lapland

Finland had just spectacular light, with blue and golden hours that just went on and on. This shot was taken in the morning before sunrise, at temperatures of –20, during a husky safari with Bear Hill Husky (100% on TripAdvisor!). A full post on that experience will also be coming soon!

couple watching fireworks hogmanay calton hill edinburgh

To end 2014 I went to Edinburgh and took part in the phenomenal New Years Experience known as Hogmanay. It was, without doubt, the best New Year’s Eve Party ever!

King fisher Sri Lanka - scaled

I was lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka twice in 2014 as part of my work with the Professional Travel Bloggers Association. I was particularly impressed by the wildlife on offer, from leopards and elephants, through to spectacular birds like this one.

waterfall valley view Scotland highlands glencoe - scaled

And to finish off, my favourite photo destination of 2015 so far – Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. You can see why by looking here.

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