21 Spectacular Photos From Around the World: XVIII

Burney Falls Shasta Cascade-2 - scaled

And here we are again, with the latest edition of the most popular photos from the Facebook Page over the last month or two. We’ve sailed on past 400,000 fans on Facebook in the last couple of months – a huge thanks for all your support over there! It is genuinely appreciated.

Also, while I’m thanking you, I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for us in the Annual Bloggies. It was an honour to be nominated, and even nicer to win the Bloggy Award for Best Photography on a Blog. Ok, so part thanks, part brag.

Back to this post. As you may or may not know, we try to share a photo a day on our Facebook Page from our travels around the world, some old, some new. And, in case you missed any, this post puts some of the most popular into one handy place for your viewing pleasure. Because five out of six people are not on Facebook. If you’re in that majority:

Husky dog Lapland blue eyes

Ah, Finland in Winter. It’s very pretty, and it’s very cold! Check out my tales of our husky sledding adventure (crash included!) in Rovaniemi, and then if you’re inspired to take a trip of your own, take a look at Jess’s post on top Winter Activities in Finland. Or just peer googly eyed into the luscious blue eyes of our husky. Whatever works.


Costa brava coastline - scaled

The gorgeous coastline of Costa Brava. We’re heading back here in May 2015 to take part in the TBEX travel conference, where I’m delighted to be the official photographer. Always a lot of fun.


small cottage glencoe sunset valley scotland - scaled

Glencoe. So far, still my favourite photography destination in 2015. Check out my Glencoe photo-essay here. I’m almost done telling you how amazing this place is I promise.


Brindisi marina from above - scaled

Brindisi in Italy was one of those places I visited with no real expectations, yet which delighted me. Great food (ok, it’s Italy, that’s a given), beaches, lovely streets, and scenes like the above. If you’re down on the heel of Italy, drop in.


Hanko beach hut - scaled

Another one from Finland, but this time in summer-time, when it’s warm enough to swim in the sea. Not that the temperature has much influence over Finns and their swimming habits of course. Ice swimming in winter is a popular past time after all. But then, so is whipping yourself with birch and sitting in a hot room. Ah, Finland.


cuicocha lake otavalo panoramic scaled - scaled

Cuicocha lake up in the Andes near the town of Otavalo, Ecuador. There’s a stunning hike that goes all around this crater and takes around four hours to complete. If that sounds like too much work, you can get stunning views like this from just next to the visitor centre.


12%2520Apostles%2520coastline%2520beach%2520Australia%2520Great%2520Ocean%2520Road.png%255B3%255D - scaled

The 12 Apostles on Australia’s Great Ocean Road are without doubt the highlight of this epic road trip, although with rainforests, beaches and wildlife galore, it’s tough to pick a favourite. If you’re going to Australia, get this on your list!


yachts and flowers greece

Boats sailing in Greece. You can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean. Unless your boat sinks. Try to avoid that.


man in rock formation meteora greece - scaled

Giant rocks with a tiny person for scale! It’s Meteora in Greece, of course. See more of Meteora here.


Sunset western Australia - scaled

Sunset in Australia, after an epic thunderstorm swept past our camp. Sunsets are awesome. Australia is awesome. Everything is awesome.


Clouds beach Fraser Island - scaled

Crikey, a lot of Australia in this post. Well, it’s a big place. Plenty of room for taking photos. This is Fraser Island off the Queensland coast. Another one to add to your Australia list!


waterfall costa brava - scaled

This waterfall is tucked away in Spain’s Costa Brava. Not much more to add here, it’s a waterfall. Lovely swimming spot too.


Kaikoura Beach small - scaled

Oh New Zealand. Mind bogglingly photogenic at every corner. This is the headland at Kaikoura, which is both famous for whales, and for having a pretty headland.


Red roses white city ostuni - scaled

The white city of Gondor! No, wait, it’s the white city of Ostuni. Sorry. It’s very similar, but there are less orcs trying to overrun this one. Very pretty too, and just down the road from Brindisi in Italy.


Sunset Milan Canals - scaled

Gosh, having a bit of an Italy-fest here. Here’s one of Milan’s canals, designed by da Vinci and an excellent spot for some early to late night snacking along with wine and friends. Also decent for a sunset.

mountains road scotland highlands glencoe clouds - scaled

Glencoe! I’ve already told you multiple times how much I enjoyed visiting. That horse is well and truly beaten. I’ll just keep sharing photos like this to persuade you to visit if that’s ok.


Canoeing in Thailand scaled

Just near this photo is the secret island lair of Scaramanga, James Bond villain extraordinaire. It’s not quite so secret now, unless hiding behind a pile of visitors and souvenir shops is what villains are doing these days. Actually, that’s not a terrible idea. Anyway, Bond villains aside, this part of Thailand really is spectacular, and taking a canoe trip around the islands is a lot of fun.


Cliffs of Moher 2

The Cliffs of Insanity, from childhood classic The Princess Bride. Also known as the Cliffs of Moher, and found on Ireland’s west coast. They are very high, and very majestic.


costa brava beach umbrellas - scaled

More from Costa Brava – this time the actual coastline. I love beaches, and Costa Brava sure has some nice ones. More from this region to come very soon!


Sirmione castle Italy (1 of 1)

And to finish off with a castle that could be owned by a Bond villain, but isn’t. It’s on Lake Garda in Italy, so you’d need a Bond villains resources to be able to afford it. As it is, it’s very pretty, and if Italy is on your mind, then Lake Garda and the castle on the Sirmione peninsula should be nuzzling it’s way onto your to-do list!

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