Wanders in Marrakech – A Photo Essay

Jamaa el Fna Square Marrakech from above at night

For the last few days we’ve been hanging out in Marrakech, a new city (and country!) for both of us. Ostensibly our time here has been to take a breather from our hectic schedule, catch up on a bit of work and plan our future adventures.

But, the call of a new destination is strong, and we’ve made time every day to pop out and do a bit of exploring.

Moroccan tea 4kphoto

Moroccan mint tea is a big deal – full of sugar and minty flavours. The theory as far as I can tell is to pour it from as high as possible, which Jess did a great job with!

Now, let’s take a look and see what else my wanders in Marrakech revealed….

Light in Marrakesh Kasbah

One of the highlights of Marrakech is the old Medina, a twisting labyrinth of tiny streets where everything you can imagine is on sale. I love how the smoke from the food stalls is caught by the late evening light.


Arabic writing

The walls of the mosques and other old buildings are often covered in beautiful text.


Couscous morrocco marrakech

You basically can’t come to Morocco without eating couscous, even if it doesn’t make the list for the top cheap foods in Morocco!


Doorway in tomb Marrakesh

I love the details on the doorways, be it in stone or wood.


Doorway to mosque marrakech

If you like photographing doorways, Marrakech is a good place to come.


Fern marrakech

Even shooting into the sun this camera performs admirably.


Hanging plate and rugs Marrakech

The souks in the medina are full of colourful wares. If you like shopping, you could go nuts in here. If you don’t like shopping… well, you’ll likely also go nuts in here.


Jamaa el Fna Square Marrakech from above 2

The blend of the old and new – no doubt traders have been vending their wares in the square for centuries. The satellite dishes on the other hand are likely a more recent addition.


Jamaa el Fna Square Marrakech from above panoramic

Had to test out the panoramic mode on the GX8. It works well, although best if you go fairly slowly otherwise you can get banding in the sky.


Jamaa el Fna Square Marrakech from above sunset

Sunset in the square. The best place to watch it is from one of the panoramic roof terraces. The ones with the best views tend to charge in the form of an overpriced soft drink (three euros instead of fifty cents) – but it’s worth it for the view!


Marrakesh doorway

Yep, the doorways are pretty cool!


Jess in the sunset

Gave the camera a work out with a portrait shot into the sun, whilst waiting for the sunset. It handled it admirably.


Marrakech mosque Koutoubia

This is one of the largest mosques in the city, which glows a wonderfully warm colour at sunset.


Marrakech square at night

There’s that square at night. A long exposure of a few seconds to bring out some of the movement of the crowd.


Marrakesh street cat

The streets of Marrakech are full of cats. This chap seemed happy enough.


Pigment piles marrakesh

Piles of pigment, to be used for dying or painting, as discovered on a wander through the Kasbah.


Rug pile Morocco

And of course, Morocco is famous for rugs. The colours in this stack were particularly nice.


Skins in Marrakesh tannery

We took a tour of the tanneries, and found a pile of dead animal skins drying away to themselves.


Sleeping cat

Another cat, sleeping in a sunbeam.


Street in Marrakech

We spent some time wandering the Kasbah – a part of the old city that is a little less commercialized and crazy than the souks of the medina. We were advised that if we wanted to get a feel for how Marrakech was before tourism, this was the place to go. So we did.


Sunset over Mosque Marrakech

Sunset from the main square.


Tomb saadiens marrakech

And finally, three tombs, in the 16th century Saadien Tombs.

If you’re inspired to add Marrakesh to your list, check out this post to give you some ideas for spending three days in Marrakech, or this post on the twelve things to see in Marrakech!

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