Highlights of Route 66 Kansas – In Photos

Route 66 Riverton Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

In what might be the longest running series of posts on this site, today I’m continuing my Route 66 Photo Story with Kansas – the sixth state on the route as we travelled from west to east. Two more to go! You can see highlights of the other Route66 states here. We’re nearly there folks!

Now, I’ll be honest, Kansas was a bit tricky to do. Other states have long stretches of Route 66, giving me lots of options of photos to choose from. Kansas has a grand total of 12 miles of Route 66 before it heads into Missouri.

Thankfully, those 12 miles do have a number of attractions, including the “Cars on the Route” gas station that is home to the tow truck which inspired the character “Mater” in the animated Pixar movie “Cars”. We also cheated a little and went off Route to visit a huge mining machine.

Here then are some of our favourite photos from our brief Kansas Route 66 adventure!

Bridge on route 66 outside Baxter Springs Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

You can't have a Route 66 road without the Route 66 logo printed on the road somewhere! And Kansas delivered, with this road marking taking pride of place on the entry to this bridge. Top marks Kansas.

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-3

There's really only one town on Route 66 in Kansas, and it's called Galena. It's fully embraced it's role as the Route 66 town of Kansas though, with signage...

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-4


Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

and even an old city jail!

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-10

The streets were very pretty with nice signs and shops to see.

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-5

As well as some interesting houses.

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-8

I mentioned the Cars movie earlier. You can pop in to the home of "Mater" when you're here.

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-7

There he is!

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-6

And from another angle. Because he's so cute.

Baxter Springs Route 66 Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

Of course no Route 66 photo essay would be complete without an old style gas station.

Rest area outside Baxter Springs Route 66 Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-2

There's an old Route 66 park just outside the city.

Rest area outside Baxter Springs Route 66 Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

Perfect to pause awhile.

Brutus mining machine Kansas_by_Laurence Norah

And here is that promised mining machine - the "Big Brutus". At its time, this was the second largest machine of its kind in the world. Yes, we had to cheat a little in terms of Route 66 for this one - a worthy deviation I think you'll agree.

Route 66 Galena Kansas_by_Laurence Norah-9

And that brings us to the end of Kansas! A short Route 66 journey, but an essential one. Now for a bit of further reading to help you plan your own Route 66 adventure.

Tips for Planning your own Route 66 Adventure

If you’re planning your own historic Route 66 adventure, we’ve got a bit of reading for you!
Enjoy your Route 66 trip, and let us know which has been your favourite state so far in the comments below!

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