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Introduction to the Guides

We have written a variety of resource filled posts on this blog, from tips and ideas on improving your photography, through to detailed itineraries for both cities and countries.

In fact, we've got a whole section of the blog devoted to planning your perfect New Zealand trip, including finding free internet, the best drives and hikes, and how your perfect month in New Zealand might look.
This is all well and good, but what if you don't happen to have access to the internet when you're on the road? What if you wanted to take the information with you, to places where the internet doesn't go?

Well folks, we have the answer! We're delighted to offer you a series of offline versions of the various guides & advice sections we've written, available to you in ebook format, which you can download and take with you on your travels.

These are stuffed with all the same witty insight and lovely photography as you will find online, only you don't need an internet connection to access them! Clever, huh?

How much are they?

We've decided to adopt a pay what you want model for these guides. They're all available for download from this page.

That means it's up to you how much you pay! Just decide how much you'd like to donate in the box below, send it over, and grab whichever guides you want for the price of whatever you choose!. You can even grab the guides first, then decide how much to donate.

Will they work on my device?

The guides are available in either .epub (supported by nearly every device apart from the Amazon Kindle) or .mobi format (which will work on the Kindle), to cover all the options. If you're using a smartphone you can download an app to view them, such as the free Amazon Kindle app.

Donate now!

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After you've entered your payment details, you'll be returned back to this page where you can scroll down to grab whichever guides you want. If you're totally skint, scroll down anyway, and help yourself.

Also, you don't need a PayPal account to do this - all major credit / debit cards are accepted!

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And that's not all!

This being a blog, we're constantly pushing out new information from our travels. Check back from time to time and see if we've updated our guides, or added any new ones.

Enough talk! On With The Guides!

New Zealand Guides

This ultimate collection of our New Zealand guides, based on our year of living, travelling and working in New Zealand, contains 16 Guides to New Zealand.

These cover topics such as the top five scenic drives on New Zealand, where the best day hikes can be found, how to find a job, where to buy a vehicle, and what the perfect month's itinerary might look like. There are also ideas for visiting some of the major cities, and tips for finding free internet! An unmissable collection if you've ever dreamed of New Zealand.

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

Australia Guides

I spent a year travelling 60,000km around Australia by four wheel drive, and learnt a great deal about this incredible country.

This series of 20 articles provides inspiration on where to go, how to plan, how much it's going to cost you and even gives you a primer on the beer! If Australia is at all in your sights, this is the collection for you!

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

Photography Tips and Tricks

This series contains five of my most detailed posts on photography, from the basics of composition, explanations of what depth of field is and how to control it; through to a comprehensive primer on what an SLR is. A great collection if you're looking to improve your photography know-how and skill set!

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

City Guides

We've written about a fair number of cities on this blog, from Barcelona through to Rome, Wellington to Ayutthaya. If you're looking for ideas on what to do in these cities, or just want some inspiration for planning your next trip, then these are the guides for you. Currently features 33 articles - and growing with every city we visit!

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

Travel Tips

We've got a lot of travel experience under our belt now, and these guides are the sum of what we've learnt so far. From surviving a European city in summer, to planning for a day hike, to keeping your data safe on the road, to planning an offroad adventure, and even a guide to finding public toilets - these 19 fact filled articles will have you covered!

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

Tips and advice for an Offroad adventure in Australia

This guide focuses on the offroad side of Australia. That 60,000km trip around Oz was completed in a 4WD, and we had a whole bunch of adventures only possible with such a vehicle. This guide contains some of my favourite offroad adventures in Australia, as well as a detailed overview of how to prep for an offroad adventure.

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.

Tips and advice for a trip to Thailand

In 2012 we spent three months exploring Thailand, and saw a lot of what this incredible country has to offer. This series of 10 articles features some of our most informative posts, with ideas for what to do in cities like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Trang and more! If you're planning, or on your way to Thailand, this could be the inspiration and advice you're looking for!

Download in ePub or mobi (for Kindle) format.


Installing the guides is easy. The links above will take you to a download page, from where you will be prompted to download the book. This will save to your computer, from where you can follow the instructions given to you by your device manufacturer to copy the files to your device.


We've done our best to test out the various guides on the various readers we've been able to get our hands on. If you encounter any problems though, from formatting screw ups, to download issues, to.. well.. anything at all.. just let us know and we'll do our best to help out!

And finally - thanks

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to put this site together. We'd like to extend a massive and sincere thanks to you for even considering to send us some money for the content we've put together. In an ideal world, we'd be able to survive entirely on your donations, and not need all those adverts on the side. Well. We can dream. Safe travels!

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