The food of Brindisi: In photos

tomato on bruschetta

I am, as has been previously explained, not exactly an awesome food blogger. The problem is that when food arrives I am overwhelmingly tempted to eat it, rather than to photograph it.

During my recent trip to the southern part of Italy, and more specifically the town of Brindisi in the Puglia region, I somehow managed to overcome this urge and snap some photos. This probably had more to do with my playing with a new camera and lens than an urge to become a food blogger, but the results seemed passable, so I thought I’d share them and give you an idea of some of the delights I got to eat.

Unfortunately taking photos of the food was about as far as my food blogging journalistic drive got me – I entirely forgot to make notes as to quite what it was that I was eating. So you’re not going to be getting lush descriptions of layered tartlets across an oaky chestnut glaze. Or whatever it is that people who write about food write about. Instead here are some photos of food, and I’m hoping someone who knows more about this sort of thing than me will pop up in the comments and provide, well, commentary. Let’s get on with this:

The food of Brindisi

a lone tomato lost in a sea of cheese

A tomato swims alone in a sea of cheese. There is a poem in there somewhere I imagine. Entries in the comments below please.

fresh fish at the market

These fish were very fresh, and seemingly awfully surprised.

fresh mussels

Mussels. Artfully presented in black and white.

happy snail on a courgette

This snail was having the best day ever.

italian food table

More wine than food? Now that’s my kind of table.

Man cooking over giant pan

These guys had a really big pan.

meatball in tomato sauce on a plate

Balls of meat. Tasty, tasty balls of meat.

mussels in a wok

I know this one! They’re mussels! In a wok!

Rocket parmesan and tomato salad

A bowl with some beans and cheese and tomato. I think it’s a cheese and beans and tomato salad.

starfish at the market

Patrick’s holiday wasn’t what he’d hoped for.

tasty italian dessert

Why have one dessert when you can have five? My thoughts exactly.

And so ends my sojourn into food photography, at least for another half year or so. I hope you enjoyed it, even if you leave with no real extra knowledge about anything I photographed. Sorry about that.

My trip to Brindisi was provided by the Brindisi is MY destination tourism board, who were responsible for providing me with all this amazing food. My abilities to not remember what any of it was and come up with captions anyway are all my own.

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