Best Photography Locations on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Photography Locations Skye - Old Man of Storr

The Isle of Skye is a popular place these days, and for good reason, it’s a fantastically beautiful place with plenty to see and do. From a photography perspective, it’s a joy to visit, with lots of epic photography locations to keep you snapping away for days.

With this in mind, I wanted to put together a photography locations guide for the Isle of Skye, which lists some of my favourite photography locations on the Isle of Skye, giving you the tips you need to help you find the best places to take pictures on Skye. I’ve also included a m`ap, instructions for where to go to get each shot as well as tips on when to visit and gear you are likely to need.

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London’s Best Military Museums and Memorials

London Military Museums - HMS Belfast London

If you’re interested in military history and military museums, London is going to be a real treat for you. The UK’s capital has a fantastic collection of museums that tell the story of military conflicts around the world, with museums that cover a range of topics.

Some museums, such as the Royal Air Force Museum, focus on a specific branch of the British military, whilst others focus on telling the story of crucial military events and locations related to one war, like the Churchill War Rooms.

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How to Improve Lightroom Classic CC Performance – Photography Tips

VEO tripod above Florence 3

I’ve been using the desktop version of Lightroom for a few years now as the centre of my photography editing workflow. I love the way it handles pretty much everything I need in terms of managing my photos and editing them, and I use it for 95% of all my photography post-processing.

A a travel photographer, I find Lightroom to be a must-have, indispensable tool. The monthly subscription is a price well worth paying, and I recommend it to all my students on my travel photography course.

One thing I don’t love about Lightroom though is how slow and painful it sometimes be to use, which seems to have gotten worse over the years. Every release seems to exacerbate the problems, especially on larger monitors, despite having a fast desktop machine with all the bells and whistle.

Because of this, I’ve become slightly obsessed with optimizing Lightroom so it runs as well as is possible.

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What’s it like to Cruise with Holland America?

Holland America Cruise Ship MS Amsterdam

Jess and I have done some cruising, notably the transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2, from New York to Southampton – a voyage we also got married on. So our experiences of time spent on board large ships have been very positive.

When an invitation popped up from Holland America to come and experience a part of their Grand Asia and Pacific World Voyage on the MS Amsterdam, specifically the segment around Japan, naturally we were keen to accept. Jess had never visited Japan, and I was excited for the photography opportunities, as well as to find out what a Holland America cruise experience was like.

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2 Days in Bristol: Itinerary and Planning Guide

Clifton Suspension Bridge

I almost went to university in Bristol, which would have been a great choice, as it’s a fantastically beautiful city. As life turned out though, I ended up at Nottingham, home to the oldest pubs in Britain. Which wasn’t a deciding factor, honestly.

Still, Jess and I have explored Bristol thoroughly as part of our mission to explore as many corners of the UK as possible. As a result of these explorations, we’ve put together our suggested itinerary to how to spend two days in Bristol. This covers some of our favourite sights in Bristol as well as places to eat and a few photography locations you’ll want to visit. The itinerary is laid out as logically as possible to help ensure you see everything in the best order.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

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The Best Photography Locations in Edinburgh

Calton Hill Edinburgh

We’ve been based in the Edinburgh region for a couple of years now, and it is definitely one of our favourite cities in the UK. We’ve written a lot about the city – everything from the awesome festivals through to getting off the beaten path in Edinburgh, plus loads more (see the further reading section at the end of the post for more).

One thing I’ve somehow not written so far though is a detailed guide to the best photography locations in Edinburgh. This is a huge oversight, as Edinburgh is fantastically photogenic. With medieval city streets, handy overlook points and a superb skyline, it is a real treat to photograph.

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How To Drive on Single Track Roads

Single Track Road sign

We’ve written a great deal about exploring Scotland’s North Coast 500 – the epic 500 mile road trip around Scotland’s north coast that has been likened to Scotland’s “Route 66”. 

One thing we noticed on our trip around the North Coast 500 is that there are a lot of people driving it who are unfamiliar with single track roads. This is the same story across much of the Scottish Highlands, including the beautiful Isle of Skye and other islands.

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The Best Day Trips from Reykjavik, Iceland

Day Trips from Reykjavik: Icelandic Horses

Iceland is a hot destination and for good reason – the Land of Ice and Fire is a truly beautiful place to visit. We’ve spent a few weeks touring this country, marvelling at the incredible waterfalls and otherworldly landscapes, and definitely think it should be on everyone’s travel wish-list!

We’ve already written a number of posts about Iceland, including sharing some of our favourite photography locations in Iceland, our tips for planning a trip to Iceland, and a detailed 7 day self drive Iceland Itinerary.

However, we appreciate that not everyone has the time or inclination for either a long trip, or for a self-drive trip.

With airlines like Icelandair offering the opportunity to stopover in Iceland as part of a trip from the USA to Europe, we think there are lots of visitors who would benefit from basing themselves in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, and exploring the island from here on a series of day trips.

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2 Days on the Isle of Wight: An Itinerary

Lifeboat Pier Isle of Wight

One of the nice things about being based in the UK is that we have had more time to do a lot more exploring of my home country. And one of the places that we’d both been wanting to visit for a while was the Isle of Wight, a relatively small island which sits just off the south coast of England, near the town of Southampton.

Well, we finally made that happen. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you our suggestions for what to do on the Isle of Wight for 2 days. This includes some of our favourite sights, experiences and places to eat on the Isle of Wight, which we think is a perfect place to visit for two days! Let’s get started with our suggestions for:

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Vanguard VEO 2 265CB Tripod Review

VEO tripod at Chenonceau Castle France

For the last few years I’ve been proud to be able to call myself a Vanguard Professional, which means I’m an ambassador for Vanguard, an awesome company which manufacture a variety of useful photography accessories (amongst other things), including a range of tripods (essential for photography, read why here) and photography bags.

Vanguard also make optics, including hunting scopes and binoculars, and my parents were so impressed by a pair of binoculars they tried out recently that they’ve invested in a pair for birdwatching. I digress.

In 2015, I was delighted to help launch Vanguard’s VEO range of tripods and bags, which at the time was something new for them – a range aimed specifically at the travelling photographer or backpacker who wants to keep their gear light and portable, whilst still offering great stability and value for money.

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