The Street Art of Poznan

No Waste Of Time - Street Art Posnan

After Dublin, Poznan in Poland seemed to be a bit of a tough cookie street-art-wise at first. But to err is human, isn’t it?

We can’t deny that it started off bumpy.

Poznan Street Art Post

But it prepared us for a lot of politically motivated street art.

Political Street Art Poznan

Okay, what else do you have to tell us, Poznan?

Street Art Posnan

Guys, guys, easy: we can make this work! Let’s just be a bit more chilled… Like that thing below the doggy – looks funky! Have I seen that anywhere else?

Funky Street Art Poznan

See, now we’re talking! Any other repetitive schemes?

Street Art Poznan

So little by little, Poznan let us in. It gave us funny:

Funny Street Art Poznan

…it gave us cool:

Cool Street Art Poznan

It tried to scare us.

Scary Street Art Poznan

Put us up with some classics.

Classics in Street Art Poznan

And like a fly on the wall, it kept watching us.

Watched by Street Art Poznan

Until it found we were ready. Because Poznan does have some pretty epic graffiti, and while not all of it is hidden, you will have to think old-school and look – under the bridges! That cracked me up – it’s been ages since I have seen decent stuff below a bridge.

Under The Bridge Street Art Poznan

But there it was!

Bridge Street Art Collage Poznan

And the underpasses!

Girl's Face Street Art Poznan

Yup, Poznan’s got it, no doubt.

Girls, Girls, Girls - Street Art Poznan

And it intends on keeping it: this year for example, the city hosted the Outer Spaces festival, where artists came to cover many walls with their creations:

Outer Spaces Poznan

In conclusion: Poznan totally deserved a street art post!

Various Street Art Poznan

I mean, for god’s sake: THEY EVEN HAVE AN INVADER!!

Invader in Poznan, Poland

…spotted by Loz, by the way. Anyhue, folks, these were our street art findings in Poznan. We’d like to thank Kamil, who helped us find some of the works, and also the City of Poznan for hosting us – I’m looking forward to coming back already!

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