Last days

So we've been staying in a hostel for a few days. We had to leave the palatial residence we were staying at in Byron to come down to Sydney in order to sell Fluffy, our beautiful landcruiser, which we managed to flog the day after we arrived in Sydney. So, ten stress free days in Sydney, a fairly nice city. The only issue of course, is that trying to save money in a city is similar to some of those metaphors about catflaps and damns, or cocoa based beverage dispensers. Basically, it doesn't work.

So we end up either walking a lot, which is cool as I can take a lot of photos, or staying in the hostel because it's raining, which is less cool. Sure, the hostel is everything you would expect. Full of people travelling, or working in Sydney and staying cheap. It's just that after a year of travelling, I'm really quite bored of the meet and greet charade that you go through with new people. I mean, I like meeting people. I just prefer to get to the interesting stuff where I know that I like them and we can talk about random crap. Sadly this usually means the standard small talk conversation has to be got through first. Where have you been? Where are you going? How long are you out here for. Etc. I can answer these questions fairly simply with “ everywhere except Queensland, Germany, nearly a year.” Most people don't end up doing the magnitude of trip we did, I guess we were pretty lucky in that respect. And now it is nearly over, I'm not feeling like meeting new people so much. Plus I have a cold which is making me want to hide in bed. Last day in Australia today, flight to Germany tomorrow. Out for an Indian tonight, the four of us. I wonder if you have any idea what I'm talking about. No reference points, no explanations, just straight in. I wonder how that is for you.

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