Nightclubs in Cyprus

Cape Grecko - Cyprus from flickr user terykats

Today’s featured post comes from Tom, writing about the nightclubs of Cyprus. I have to admit I’ve never been to Cyprus, but if these night club stories are anything to go by, it sure looks like a great place for a party!

Those of you who are heading away on holidays to Cyprus can definitely look forward to enjoyable and frivolous night-time entertainment. Indeed there are so many bars, clubs and music venues in this beautiful part of the world that you will be spoilt for choice. Thankfully we've come up with this guide to the nightspots that you simply have to visit to save you from having to think too hard!

Paradise Place

You can enjoy the spectacular views across Kryskh├│hou Bay while listening to the swinging sounds played by jazz and blues musicians at this wonderful venue. The staff will try to ensure that you have the most enjoyable time possible. And there is even the possibility of enjoying a holiday romance under the stars of Pomos.

Cape Grecko 2- Cyprus from flickr user terykats

Rialto Theatre

It is definitely worth checking out the Rialto theatre listings prior to holidays in Cyprus. You might even be tempted to book tickets to one of the film festivals or operas that are staged in the grand entertainment space. After an evening of drama or light-hearted comedy you might be like to visit one of the top quality restaurants in Limassol.

Lighthouse Beach Bar

This is the perfect place to come for an evening of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Paphos. You can take a place at one of the tables that overlook the scenic lighthouse beach and then tuck in to a delicious meat filled pita or omelette. You might even like to try some of the gorgeous house wine.

Black N' White Nightclub

You can party hard every single night of the week at this legendary nightclub in Ayia Napa. Guest DJ's such as Scottie B and Hotsteppa keep the crowds entertained with their own music mixes. And you can always take a break from the high octane dance action on the outdoor terrace.

Thanks to Tom for providing today’s post! If you’ve got any thoughts on the nightclubs of Venice – do please share them in the comments below!

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